As we walked though the studio we stopped by and katy talked to a lot of people.

I heard a lot of "oh Tyson's gotten so big!" And stuff like that.

"C'mon babe I just need to pick up some papers." Then she got a phone call.

I lied down on the floor over her feet.

"Hello?, oh hi john" she blushed.

"No that's okay this is a good time I'm actually headed home right now from the studio, you can meet me there."

Then we left and headed home.

"Here Tyson! "Come get some food,.Its Russell's turn tomorrow you know." She got out my uncooked steak and turkey and tossed it out to the back porch patio. When I walked out I heard her close the glass door She knows I don't really like john.

Oh well, I have food, I'm going to dig in. After I finished I sat at the back door for a while. Where is she? I walked around to the side gate.

Oh, he's here. And there outside in the front yard. I roared until it was so loud and annoying john stopped kissing her and they walked over to the Fence.

C'mon katy let me out so I can play with john.

"Tomorrow's Russell turn with him." katy sighed.

"Oh, so he's like the kid in the divorce." john said chuckling.

"Welllll yeah... Russell gave him to me as a present." I looked up at her and put my front feet on the gate making me as tall as her.

Katy come on let's go inside.

But it came our in Roars and moans.

"What's he doing?"

"He's just talking to me I think., he's always done that."

"So he likes you more than Russell."

"Yeah, I mean He was with me more, him and Russ are just pals and Russ only asks to hangout with him like one week every month."she said opening the gate.

"Whoa! katy! I know your close with Ty but I don't want to get like eaten or something."

She took a hold of my face. "Nah!, this guy right here is my baby!" she said scratching my ears.

"So your sure."

"Yes, just give him a chance to warm up to you."

"let's go inside and watch a movie!" I followed katy first then john.

She sat on the couch and I sat next to her blocking john out. hehe sneaky.

Katy started playing with my fur and scratching my head.

"Hey babe."

"Yeah john?"

"Want to um come sit over here with me?."

"Yeah or you could come over here and we could cuddle."

"Hmm, okay."

He walked over.

"Um your um..."

"Ty. get down or move over."

I put my head down not moving.

Katy's voice raised to the stern one. "Tyson, your not the only guy in my life, now get off."

No. I'm staying. I just looked at john. Giving him the death stare.

She's mine not yours.

"Is your "cat" deaf john smocked and shot me an disapproving look.

"John don't say that...hes just not wanting to move."

"It's not like he can understand us katy he's a tiger not a mind reader.."

"I don't know he's special, I know be understands."

"Well, whenever I'm over here I want to hangout with you not your pet."

"I know"..she said quietly.

"You don't know shit katy he's a fucking tiger for Pete's sake! he could attack us at any moment."

"Not me."

I just kept looking at him.

"He's young, just wait until his killer instincts kick in it will be very dangerous."

"I don't agree with that, but I do agree that I need to spend more time physically with you."

"Hah physically, sounds nice." he said smirking.

"Tyson get off."

She pushed me with her feet.

Fine, I got off. I just went and sat directly in front of the tv so they couldn't see.


"I hate that thing"....I heard john mumble.

Haha I win. She'll invite me back up to cuddle with her.

"Your to soft on him katy.."

"No I'm not!"

"See you can barely control him without feeling guilty and calling him back over."

"Well maybe you could train him?"


"Um yes silly., you."

"Well he Doesn't like me"

"Then make him like you!"

"How? he's way too protective over you..I think that's why he doesn't like me, which is great for you personally, but not for us., And I don't want to be eaten."

"Oh, well, maybe if you were nicer to him and we both trained him together, then he will warm up to you."

"Well I guess there's no harm in trying."

"Yeah! it will be fun john! maybe I could use him in one of my music videos.,he's really smart, I swear he can understand us really."

Katy sat up from the couch where her and john were sitting together.

"Try calling him over here."

"Okay" john sat up too, "Tyson come".

I didn't even flinch or turn to face them , I kept watching tv.

"See?..he dosnt like me."

I heard katy inhale and say"Tyson!,. babes come here!"

Immediately I turned around and in the next second I found myself halfway on top of Katy's lap.

"See!, she said laughing."

"Wow." john smiled.

Then the doorbell rang. I ran towards it. I knew who it was before she even opened the door.

"Oh, hey Russell."

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