It's Almost Time

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Bianca ( POV)

" Hey, Do you know where any open apartments are??" I asked Macy.

" Yeah, I'll give you some numbers and you can call them and ask. " She said smiling.. .

Work got easier each day. and my ankle got worse each day. Plus I've gained more weight. I have exactly 5 days to get out of the house. and I need to find somewhere to live.

" Here are the numbers!" Macy Said giving them to me.

" Can I borrow your phone?" I asked

" Yeah, here" she said handing me her flip phone

" Thanks" I said as I took it and began calling the apartment managers.

I found one apartment , that cost 440 a month to live there.  I could afford that!. I have a lot saved up anyways..

" I found one. It's about 10 mins away from here, almost by the police station" I said smiling at Macy

" Good!, You need a ride to go look at it?" she asked

" No, it's fine. I'll walk" I said smiling at her

" No , please let me take you. it'll be like a favor" she said.....

" It's fine, really I need to walk. Thank you though" I said  smiling...

Truth was, I didn't Want her getting hurt because of me. I'm not out of father Averys house yet and he will make my life miserable if I got a ride from anyone.

I walked home and took a shower.

" Hey , Dustin can you give me a ride to town please" I asked him as I walked into the kitchen.

" For?" he said

" Well not tonight. but tomorrow morning" I said to excited.

" No. you aren't aloud to get rides" he said rolling his eyes at me.

" What's wrong?" I asked him.

" You being annoying, damn" he said rolling his eyes

" What's going on?" Father Avery said walking into the kitchen.

" Nothing" I said quickly as I turnt around and tried to get out of the kitchen

" Dustin?, Was she bothering you?" Father Avery said concerned

" I was just asking him a question father" I said

" Yeah dad, she was!" he said as he got up and looked at me.

" Go get me the belt" Father Avery said putting his head down in shame

" But Father I didn't do anything" I said as I played with my fingers nervous

" You shouldn't be talking to him anyways" father Avery said

" Here" Dustin said to his father as he extended him the belt

" No, you do it." Father Avery said as he didn't accept the belt.

" I don't know how?" Dustin said unsure

" Then , I'm sure your brother will!" Father Avery said

" No nevermind, I got it" he said as he got mad.  Dustin thinks that father Avery favors Justin more. which is somewhat true. Justin is just like Josh and Father Avery

" I'm sorry Dustin. I really didn't mean to make you upset. I'm sorry" I begged him. as I didn't wanna be whipped

" Shut up!" he said.

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