Cause I Can't Be Seeing What My Eyes Tell Me

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Oliver didn't come up to bed with me so I assumed that he slept on the couch. But when I woke up, he was nowhere to be found. His keys were gone.. his car was gone. I called his phone several times but I was sent to voicemail each time. I didn't know what to do, so I did what I always do whenever I'm lost. I called Chase. 

"Hello?", he answered. I could hear someone talking in the background and Chase ssshhed them.

"Hey. Uhm, are you busy?"

"Well.. yeah. Kinda".

"Chase. I need you right now", I begged him.

"Chase, this is kind of important. Can't you just call that person back later?", I heard a strangely familiar voice say in the background. 

"Is.. is that Oliver?", I asked Chase.

"Huh? No.. uhmm. Listen, I've got to go. Ttyl tuts", he said before hanging up on me. 

That was Oliver's voice. I know that it was. I know his voice better than I know my own. I pulled on some clothes and ran to the nearest bus station where I took the bus to Chase's neighborhood. I walked five minutes until I got to his house and I was right. Oli's car sat in the driveway. Why on Earth would he be at my gay bestfriend's house this early in the morning, though? I banged on the door and it was immediately opened. Oli opened it and I could see Chase in the background.

"What are you doing here?", I asked Oli, short of breath.

"I should be asking you the same thing", Oli said and leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms.

"Chase.. what's going on?", I looked past Oliver and asked.

He shook his head and put both his hands over his mouth, letting me know that he couldn't tell me. I gave my biggest puppy dog eyes, held my head down, and started sniffing.. pretending as if I was crying. I could almost FEEL Oli roll his eyes at me.

That's when Chase began speaking. "He figured that because I'm your best friend, I would have information on the person who tried to rape you but I told him nothing because I obviously don't know anything but I must say that I think he doesn't have anything sweet in store for whoever it is when he finds him and please don't cry, babe then I'm gonna cry and we'd just be two weeping drama queens'', he said in one big breath without even pausing.

I lifted my head up and looked at Oliver. ''Ugh.. of course she was faking'',  Chase said to himself. He of all people should know me well enough by now.

''Oli,  I told you that it's not a big deal. It didn't happen so stop blowing things out of proportion'',  I told him.

''Zayne, as your boyfriend, it's my responsibility to protect you and I obviously haven't done a good enough job with that since I allowed that to happen to you. But I'm gonna make sure that it doesn't happen again cause I'm gonna kill that bastard once I figure out who it is'',  he argued with me.

''Oli! You were on tour! You couldn't have protected me if you tried! This isn't your fault! And it won't happen again, I swear!'', I tried reasoning with him.

"You can't promise yourself that no one will try to rape you again. You don't have control over that!", he began yelling at me before turning around and yelling at Chase. "Who the fuck is it? I'm not gonna ask you again!", Oli yelled in Chase's face, invading his personal space.

"Seth Wetherspoon!", Chase blurted out then covered his mouth. Oli then backed away and headed for the door and pushed past me.

"Where are you going?", I asked but he continued waking to his car. I grabbed his door before he could close it. "Oli, please tell me!", I begged. 

He stepped out, grabbed my hand and pulled me back into Chase's home. "Stay here until I get back", he told me. "Watch her", he looked up and told Chase and he nodded his head. He then looked back at me, brought me in for a kiss, and then headed back out the door. 

I just stood there and stared at the closed door before turning to Chase. "Why did you give Oli his name?!", I yelled.

"Because he scares me! I have no problem fighting men but I would, in no way, want to have to put up with Oli. He's scary!", he tried defending himself. 

"Now what is he going to do?", I paced around the room and asked.

"Calm down. All he has is a name. He has no work or home address, no way to get into contact with him".

"Shut up Chase! All he really has to do is look in a freaking phone book and it'll give him the address! Geez!", I continued fussing and pacing. "I have to go find him", I finally said and headed towards the door.

"What? No you don't! He told me to keep an eye on you, which I'm pretty sure means to make sure that you don't leave. So I can't let you go", he said and blocked the door.

"Chase!", I whined.

"Doctor's orders", he said. "If he's going to kill Seth, I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem killing me either if I don't keep you here. And what are your plans if you do leave? How are you going to find him and how are you going to get there?", he asked.

"I'll start figuring it out once you move!"

He shook his head. "Sorry tuts. He's just trying to protect you".

"He can't play hero all the time! Things happen, life goes on! He has to learn to accept it!"

"Don't tell me!", he said and raised his hands in defense mode. "Tell that to Oli".

"Sucks that I can't get to him right now", I snapped.

"I'm sorry darling but as your best friend and manager, I have to look out for your best interests and it's best that you don't leave", he said and folded his arms. 

I gave up at that point. I went and flopped down on the couch and Chase sat beside me. He cut on some stupid cartoon in hopes that it would lighten my mood. I sat there with only one thing on my mind for three hours. 'What was Oli doing?', I couldn't help but wonder. My phone then rang. It was an unrecognizable number. I answered it anyway. "Hello?"



"Yeah, it's me", he breathed.

"Where are you? What are you doing?"

"I'm.. uhh.. in jail.."

"WHAT?!", I yelled.

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