Your kid wets the bed

Louis: You snuggled closer to Louis' warm chest. His scent filled your nose, making you feel safe and loved. The moon was shining through the window when you finally closed your eyes, drifting off to peaceful sleep. "Momma?" small whisper filled the air while something poked your cheek, "Momma wake up." You stirred in the dark room, seeing your small son standing next to the bed, clutching his stuffed lion against his chest. His brown hair was a mess, blue eyes squinting in the darkness. He looked so much like Louis it was scary. Every time you looked at him, you could see how identical they were. It made your heart swell, letting you love them both endlessly. "What's wrong baby, did you have a nightmare?" you mumbled, sitting up to face your tiny boy. His lips were shaking lightly when he tried to swallow his tears. "Hey, hey, what is it love, tell mommy," you worried, picking him up to your arms, noticing how wet he was, dark damp area covering the lower half of his pajama pants. He didn't have a shirt, because after finding out Louis slept only his shirt off, he wanted to be just like his dad. "Oh honey, did you have an accident?" you cooed, brushing hair off his forehead when he buried his face to the stuffed lion, muffling the sniffling to his toy. He nodded, making you smile lightly, seeing how crushed he was about his little accident. "It's okay love, let's just get you changed so you can stay here when I'll make your bed dry again," you smiled, taking your boys pajama off, changing his small, dinosaur patterned boxers. "Go to sleep," you cooed, kissing his forehead when you left him to the big bed next to Louis who was still sleeping like an angel. Your son nodded, snuggling his bare chest against his dad's, kissing his stuffed lion goodnight. Louis stirred, noticing how something small and warm cradled to his chest. "You're not my wife," Louis mumbled smirking, feeling his little boys small body cuddling next to him, trying to get even closer than you. "I peed," your son whispered ashamed, making Louis smile before he wrapped his arms around the small boy. "Let's sleep big boy, no more peeing okay, I don't want to get all wet," he joked, inhaling the scent what his boy brought to bed after him. "Okay daddy," he mumbled after letting his eyes start to shut, "Say Leo goodnight." Louis chuckled before kissing the stuffed lion before kissing his son's soft cheek, making them both fall asleep immediately. Later you snuggled next to your tangled boys, smiling to your adorable family.

Liam: He woke up to his phone ringing, confused who would be up in such an awful hour. One glance to the screen told him that it was you, making his heart beat worried. "What's wrong?" he answered; sleep still blurring his head, making his voice hoarse and thoughts confused. Instead of answering, he heard a light sniffle coming from the line, making him sat up in the hotel bed. He was far away touring with boys, leaving you to home with your five years old girl and newly born son. "Daddy?" small sniffle made Liam reach the light, clicking it on. "Maddy, what's wrong, where's mom?" he asked, low voice full of fear. He could hear the small cries from the line, telling that his small daughter was crying and upset in the middle of the night. "Maddy, please answer to daddy," Liam almost yelled, panic waving over him, making him stand up and walk back and forth in the small hotel room. "Mommy's sleeping," your daughter cried, "and my bed's all wet and Bobby the mouse is wet too and my teddy bear and fishy fish..." Liam let out a breath he was holding, heart starting to slow down when he sat to the bed rubbing his eyes. "Did you wet your bed darling," he asked, smile on his face when he thought the small girl. "I didn't mean to daddy, I swear," small whimper left her mouth, making Liam's heart melt. "I know darling, why didn't you wake mummy?" he asked, smile still on his face when he heard his girls voice. "I want you daddy," she cried, making Liam's eyes blurry with tears. He could feel how his heart broke in his chest. "I'm sorry baby," he said voice cracking a bit before he swallowed the burning lump, trying to concentrate to the situation, "I'm gonna come home before you even know it, but now you have to go to wake mummy and tell her what happened so she can dry your little friends." A small sigh left the five years old's mouth when she agreed to her dad. "Maddy," Liam smirked, knowing how awful she must feel, "When I get back, we'll buy you your very own phone so you don't have to steal mommy's when you miss me, okay." The small girl let out an excited whimper, making Liam's heart swell. "I love you daddy," she whispered sleepily. "I love you too sweetheart. Say my love to mommy and little baby too, okay," he cooed, hearing how your girl waddled to your bedroom, poking you before closing the phone. "Mommy, daddy said I need to wake you," small voice exclaimed before the clicking noise filled the small hotel room, making Liam smile.

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