Chapter 1

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Anthony's POV:

I wake up next to the most beautiful girl in the world, I have no idea what I did do have her has my girlfriend! All I know is I'm never letting her get away and I'm going to make sure of that tonight.
I get out of bed and gently kissing we head trying not to wake her, I head downstairs to make us some breakfast before heading to the theater for our two show day!

Jaz walks into the kitchen as I finish up the eggs I was making.

"Good morning beautiful." I say as she comes over to me and I hug her.
"How'd you sleep?" I ask her kissing the top of her head.

"Good!" She said walking over to the table and sat down as I brought over the plates with eggs.

We finish breakfast I put the dishes in the sink and we head to the theatre. I'm super nervous for tonight! I hope Lin has everything set up and prepared!

I planned on proposing to Jasmine tonight!
I'm nervous what if she says no? What if it's too early? What if we aren't meant to be together if there's such a thing as meant to be!
Then I see her walking down the hallway towards me, just looking at her I know whatever happens it's worth it!
We are meant to be and I know this even if other people don't believe so I know this and I hope she knows it too!

"Hey shouldn't you be getting ready?" Jasmine asks me as she walked up to me.

"Yeah I was headed that way I was just talking to Lin before getting ready." I say leaning down kissing her quickly.
"I've got to go get ready I'll see you after though." I say smiling at her as I walk towards my changing room.

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