Chapter 1: The girl who's nightmares become reality

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Chapter 1:

It was cold. Too cold. But it was July, wasn't it ? I was standing in the middle of a cold, deserted island. How could it be so cold ?
Shivers ran down my arms and spine, goosebumps covered my arms.
"You're insane." I recognised that voice, it was familiar, way too familiar. I turned my body towards where the voice came from and titled my head in confusion, "I love you, Harry." I said with a smirk, it was a cruel smirk. "You're evil." He said, "I will never love you."
I laughed loudly but soon my laugh turned into hysterical cries and I covered my face with my palms, I brought my hands down and saw it covered in blood. I was crying bloody tears.
I really was evil.
"You don't deserve me." He said and soon everything disappeared and I was left gasping for air, covered in sweat.

It was a dream. No, it was a nightmare. Just a nightmare.
I sat up straight on my bed, the moonlight streaming shimmering. I stood up from my bed in just my tank top and pyjama shorts. I looked around my room for my silk robe, finally I spotted it and covered my body with it. I walked towards the window and looked at the moon, it was still midnight but I couldn't go back to sleep now, not after what I just saw.
It has always been like that, I had a nightmare or a dream and a few days or months later, something related to that dream or nightmare always became my reality. My friends and family called me a psychic, weird, I know.
Maybe I was a psychic but it just happened in books right ?

I let out a sigh and walked towards my vanity table and stood in front of it. The moonlight dancing on the side of my face.
I looked at the photos that were on my vanity table. All photos were of Harry and I at different places.
My favourite one was the one where Harry was sitting on the floor with me sitting between his legs, our friends took this picture, saying that we looked like two teens in love. I blushed and Harry just scoffed and said "Yea sure," it hurt but I didn't let it show.
This was the first time I ever had a nightmare that included Harry. It was always about some financial problem or me failing a test or me getting chased by ghosts, this time it was different.
I'm scared to be honest.
I don't want my nightmare to turn into reality.


I was sitting under the neem tree when I heard Harry's laugh but there was someone with him, I didn't look up from the novel that I was reading but suddenly my novel was snatched and I rolled my eyes. "What do you want ?" I asked as I looked up to see Harry hovering over me. "I want you to meet my girlfriend." He said with a wide smile and I laughed. This wasn't new, Harry always came to me to introduce me to "girlfriends" every month. It usually lasted for two or three months, lets see for how long this one lasts.
I stood up and Harry stepped aside and I felt my heart hurt a little. It was Lillian, a junior. Harry never dated juniors, so why now ?
This girl, she was beautiful. Long brown hair with grey eyes and perfect lips and curves. She was flawless, not a single pimple on her tanned skin. To say I was jealous was the understatement of the century, I was beyond jealous.
"Hey! My name is Lillian." She said with a shy smile and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Harry looked down at her with a soft look in his eyes, he has never looked down at a girl like that, not even me. He always gave me the friendly eyes, never those eyes. I wanted the ground to just swallow me but I knew that this wasn't a movie. This is life. A harsh reality.
"Uh Hi! I'm Taylor, Harry's best friend." I said, putting emphasis on the word 'best friend' making sure she knew her place. She was going to be here for just months but I was here forever.
"I know! Harry talks a lot about you, you're like a little sister to him." She said, not a trace of evilness in her eyes or voice. What game is she playing at ? Me ? Harry's little sister ? As if. Just as I was about to say something, the bell rang and I knew I had to go get to the class. I couldn't afford being late. I didn't want another detention slip. "Well I guess I'll see you later!" I said putting on a sickly sweet smile and waved a very girly goodbye to Lillian.
Just as I was about to walk away, Harry caught my wrist and turned me towards him, pulling me straight to his chest.
His cologne filled my nostrils, I tried so hard to not to swoon right there. It would surely weird him out because I was Harry's Taylor. The girl who didn't do relationships, the girl who didn't like guys because one guy already stole her heart. "I'm serious about this one." He said in a whisper, smiling a little.

I swear I heard my heart break into a million little pieces.

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