Chapter 1 - Time to Move On

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Rose Hastington

I walked out from my office with a smile plastered on my face. I don't know why I'm so happy today but I'm just happy..

"You're weird" I glared to my brother as he commented about my face

"Shut it Luky" I hissed and he pressed the lift button

"Have you already book a ticket to Miami for next week?"

"Why don't we use our jet?" I asked

"Dad is going to use it smart head" He said annoyed and we walked into the lift

"Why dad get to use it everytime?" I hissed

"It's his" Luke said in 'are you stupid tone?'

"Where are you going after this?" I asked

"As usual.. meet my brothers" Luke said and I rolled my eyes

"Will Max be there?"

"It's only me , Sky and Ken for today"

"Where's the rest?" I asked and the lift opened , we walked out and walked out from the building

"Aaron at home taking care of his pregnant wife , Alex taking Angel to LA , Sebastian is in Rusia but I don't know what is that idiot doing there and lastly your Maxy.." I looked at him waiting for him to finish his sentence

"Where? Max where?"

"I don't know" That make me smacked his shoulder hard , he groaned in pain

"Don't joke like that!"

"Why don't you check him on his house?" He hissed and rubbed the spot where I smack him

"Okay" I smiled widely and he still looked at me annoyed , walking to my car and waved to my annoying brother. Get inside and drive away..

Let's just go to Max's house , I miss him. We fight a lot last week and none of us talk so let's just clear things up with him.

Max is my first love.. I love him since I was 14 and I know that's crazy , now I'm 24 almost 25 and my heart still belong to him. We both have a on and off relationship and as you all know Max is a playboy , he often change women almost everyday.

It breaks my heart and I've been watching it for almost 11 years , but he kept going back to me in the end. I know he's a douchebag but I love him. Crazy love but it's true

When I saw Max for the first time , everything is just right. He doesn't notice me at first but as I turn 17 and change my appearance , I go to the gym and start to make my body more sexy he notice me.

From that point , he did took my first in everything and I did save all of it for him. It's just incredible for him to my first and of course I love him but I never say that to his face.

But I know he always come to me in the end..

This year my dad talked about merging my company with the Portwalt by having arrange marriage Austin Portwalt , Blake Samuel's bestfriend in Miami. We both already meet secretly with my dad and his dad and him , we take everything slow but we only went out for a few dates.

Austin like me , he state that but as all you know I don't. He's sweet and caring , really take everything slow. He's far from Max , I want Max to be like Austin but of course he can.

Even all I want in a guy is all in Austin but he can't give me the feeling that Max give me. He just can't..

2 days ago , our family meet again without Luke of course. My dad won't risk anything is Luke knows. We come to agreement to get married next month and I'm stil confuse about it

Max never state me as his , he never claim me. I'm not even his girlfriend or anything so we don't have any official relationship it hurts me but what can I do? I have ask him to be my boyfriend but he reject it and we didn't talked for 2 months and it's killing me

Maybe if I get married to Austin , I get to love him everyday because we live together and basicly do everything together so I think I will like him or maybe love him

But now.. my heart still belong to Max one and only..

As I arrived at his house , my eyes narrowed as I saw a yellow ferrari parked there. I walked to his main door and still looking at that ferrari

I walked inside his house and all his maids already know who I am so they already use to me getting here without announcement.

I turned to the stairs and my eyes widen..

My heart crushed again.. for a thousand times maybe..

I saw red high heels , bra , black dress , panties , suit , shoes.. my heart crunch but I kept walking up..

I have been watching this kinda thing for 11 years and I don't know how many girls he already bed. I walked to his room and stand in front of his door.

I heard moans , groans and screams.. I literally want to cry in this situation and I always did but I remembered about my agreement with Austin and his dad.

I'm getting tired actually , I'm getting tired.. for the pass 11 this is what I get everytime.

Heartbreak.. nothing more and smart head he is , he always got me back even I break

"Gosh Jennifer" My eyes widen.. Jennifer? Jennifer his new secretary?

With that I pressed the door knob and pushed the door , they both turned to me and all I see was Max face. He has this angry expression towards me

"Get out Rose!" He said it loudly and clearly

"Gladly" I smiled and turned my body. I walked away without any tears.. but just hate towards him

From today and in the future.. I won't comeback to you again Max , I won't

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