Chapter Two - On The Run

Clover’s POV

I stopped at the crossroad. Up until now, I knew I was headed in the right direction but this road offered three options, and I didn’t know which one to choose. One of them would lead me back to my girls and the other two, probably, would lead me further away. I sighed as I considered my options, needing to make a decision soon.

For the past twenty minutes I’d only heard silence, I’d not seen nor heard a single car pass. Thankfully, there were tall bushes and trees stretching the length of the road so it was easy for me to remain hidden, not that there was anything to hide from, yet. I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before I heard the sirens, which is why I had to move quickly but carefully.

My aching body was still screaming in pain but I did my best to ignore it. Letting the pain take over was weak, as was crying. She hated people crying, and I grew to hate it in time. The girls learnt and understood quickly, they became stronger people once I’d taught them everything mother taught me.

Sometimes her methods seemed a little strange but I soon realised that what she was doing was for the best. Of course I had to end Hayley’s life, mother was right. I was ashamed that Hayley’s story got to me and that I had even considered sparing her, going against everything we believed in. That wasn’t who I was, I wasn’t a weak person. Since that day I’ve never second guessed what I do.

Slumping to the damp ground, I allowed myself a few minutes rest and think. Getting back alone was going to be difficult. Getting close enough to the girl was going to be almost impossible but I had faith that I could do it.

The only I would have is finding Rose and Poppy, if their so called families had taken them back in then I wouldn’t know where they are. I wanted to go to Rose first but I knew that was more than likely impossible, I would have to get Lily. I knew where Lily was, her family would have welcomed her back with open arms. Once I get back, I would collect everything we needed, get Lily and she would take me to Rose and Poppy.

We would need to somehow get out of the country; there was no way the authorities would allow us to live our lives and not try to interfere. The girls were counting on me and I would find a way of getting us to France, to my grandmother’s old farm house. We could be happy there, finally a family again.

I pushed myself up carefully, trying not to use my tender arm. It must be close to half an hour since I escaped, surely the police would have realised now? Can’t say I was surprised at the lack sirens in the area though, the police force was hardly efficient.

Gritting my teeth, I started to consider my options. Right, left or straight ahead. The safest option was to go right, that would mean I wouldn’t have to cross the road and potentially be seen if someone was to pass. In my experience the safest option isn’t always right though. With that in mind I moved cautiously towards the bush, listening for any noise.

When I was confident that nothing was coming, I found a gap in the dark green bush and peered up and down the road, making double sure that I was completely alone. I gave it a minute and stepped into the dirty road, crossing it quickly, and hiding again behind the bush on the opposite side. The sky had clouded over, offering additional cover as I started walking again, quickening my pace with every step.

Approximately ten minutes later, while I was making my way along what seemed like an endless road, I heard what I had been expecting for the past forty minutes, sirens. What I didn’t know was if they were only just going to the accident or if they were coming away from it, looking for me.

I needed to keep moving but I also needed to stay out of view. Crouching down low, I shuffled along as fast as I could. The bushes were fuller at the bottom from the fallen leaves so I would have better cover being lower. I didn’t have long before they would reach where I was so I needed to find somewhere to hide out until they passed.

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