Chapter One: Strike

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Prologue: Percy

You would think, after all my years of being a Demigod, I'd finally figure it out. Demigods don't get relaxing days off. It's like a job that never ends because work follows you home, follows you to camp, heck it even follows you in the bathroom.

So much work. And you know, shame on me for not figuring this out sooner. Shame on all of us for not figuring it out sooner. Do we at least get points for trying?

Jason, suggested we go bowling. Bowling is cool. Nothing absolutely wrong with bowling.

"No teams, we die alone like men!" Leo jokingly announced.

"I say teams, and I want Jason on my team. The guy who suggested bowling better be pretty good at bowling." I said, as Jason and I bro hugged.

"I really don't care either way." Piper said. "Teams, no teams. As long as everyone has fun."

"What a cliche thing for a loser to say." I taunted.

"Bold words from someone who's going to take a beating Seaweed Brain. Boys versus girls?" Annabeth asked? We all nodded in agreement.

"Um, there's more boys then girls." Hazel spoke up. On one team, it would be Jason, Frank, Leo and I and on the other, Annabeth, Piper and Hazel.

"Well Leo can sit out cause I don't think he can lift a bowling ball anyway."

"Hey!! I can too lift a bowling ball." Imagine our surprise when he could indeed lift one. We were all so proud of him. Children grow up so fast.

No surprise, Annabeth was really good at bowling. Something about it all being about angles—Athena advantage I suppose. Hazel wasn't great at it (but really neither was I), Jason was great at it, and Piper and Frank were better than I was but not as great as Annabeth. A good middle ground.

"Strike!!" Annabeth cheered, high fiving Piper and Hazel before turning to our team. I had no idea how the scoring worked for bowling, but Leo said we were losing. Bummer.

"You're up boys." Jason took the ball from her, walking over to the lane.

"Show em how it's done Jason!! Big Three represent!!" I called out, ignoring the strange looks I was getting for standing on the chairs.

"You got this Jason!!" Frank said from right next to me. Well, he was actually on the ground, which was probably for the best. These chairs were not stable.

"Don't miss!" Annabeth cried, right before Jason threw the ball. Thank the Fates that he didn't.

"Strike!!" Jason, Frank and I all high fived in victory.

"And that's how it's done in New Rome!! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week." We laughed and turned to Leo for the scores.

"You're all tied up. Only a few more rounds to go. And, frankly my money is on Annabeth."

"That's fair." We all muttered in agreement. It was always safe to bet on Annabeth to win.

"Piper, you're up next." Again, I have no idea how bowling works. I just know Piper managed to knock down all but three pins, and had to use two more balls to knock them all down. Is that bad? I don't know, I don't know anything. It's just not a strike, which means they don't get that high of a lead.

Um. Maybe.

"Alright, Percy, your turn." Nodding very seriously, I grabbed a bowling ball and walked towards the lane. I think I went bowling with my mom once, when I was a young kid. Or was that a school trip? Maybe it was someone's birthday. Maybe it was someone's birthday and my mom was there? Hm, I couldn't remember.

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