Chapter Two: Temper Tantrum

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Disclaimer: I've never actually been to Florida, or Disney, so there's bound to be a mixup here or there. My apologies ahead of time.
Chapter Two: Jason

While Hestia wasn't full grown, she still had a good handle on her powers. For the most part, anyway. This meant that she could teleport us whenever we needed to go; it really made this thing a lot easier.

"I'm not sure what Ares has decided to do, but I imagine it won't be good. We should gather him first so humanity isn't trying to rip everyone apart." Hestia explained, after she teleported us...somewhere. I didn't recognize where.

"Dude...are we in Florida?" Florida? Well, it explained the humidity.

"Yes, we are. Ares is somewhere around here, but I can't exactly place where." It was summer, in Florida. Tourist season, so many young children running around that it would be hard to find one seven year old—even if it was an immortal seven year old.

"Spread out? Ares has a way of encouraging negative emotions in people, look for any increased anger." Percy explained.

"It's tourist season and it's hot out, everyone's angry. That's not much of an indicator." I countered.

"Jason's right. We need something else, someplace that encourages frustration on its own." Annabeth added.

"Parking lots." Frank said simply. We all turned to look at him.

"What? Everyone gets angry when they're trying to look for a parking space. And isn't there a big park here or something?" Hazel nodded quickly.

"Yeah, it's Disney!"

"So, why don't we check Disney." Leo frowned.

"Because, Frank, Disney is the happiest place on Earth—the exact opposite of where we want to be." He argued. Frank frowned.

"Okay, but just because it says it's the happiest place on Earth doesn't mean it actually is. People get angry in parking lots and long lines, both of which I assume Disney has. That would easily turn into rage central for someone like Ares." To stop the risk of another argument, I stepped forward.

"Frank has a good idea. Lady Hestia, can you sense when the Gods are getting closer?" She nodded. "Great. Then we head over to Disney and see if Ares is there. If not, we check the beaches, got it?" Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Personality, I hope he's at the beach. It'd be kind of poetic if I kicked his butt at the beach again." Percy said casually. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't think he'll take kindly to that when he gets older again." I said, as we walked through the busy crowds that was Florida. I imagined what we must look like to everyone else; a misfit group of kids with a small girl walking with us? I wondered if we'd get pulled over for 'gang activity' or something.

"Oh well, he can deal. Which, reminds me, how exactly are we going to stop Ares?"

"Put him on a leash." Piper joked. The group snickered at that.

"We just need to convince Ares that this bet isn't worth it, and get him to calm down. Then he can join us in finding the other Gods." Hestia spoke up. It was so weird, because she came up to about my kneecap—not the typical height you expect from Gods.

"With all due respect, Lady Hestia, I've met Ares, and I don't think he's the type to just...calm down." Annabeth spoke up.

"Yeah, the God of War doesn't exactly scream keep calm and carry on vibes to me." Leo added.

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