Back into Town

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What?! I can like two guys...

Your POV:

"I cannot believe that I'm back!" I proclaimed excitedly as I stepped off of the plane.

"Y/n! Over here!" I know that voice it's...

"Aaron!!" I ran twords him tackling him and causing us both to fall over, "S-sorry it has just been too long!" I got off of him.

"You're just as energetic as ever," Aaron said rubbing my head.

I tried to swat his hand away but he was always taller than me... Boo :(

"Hey!" I snapped, "NO PETTING!" I explained as I put my arms to form an 'X'.

"Fine, but we should get going I can't wait for you to meet everyone I can't belive it's been 4 years," Aaron started walking out of the airport and I followed him.

"Slow down Titan small people have to keep up!" I yelled at Aaron trying to keep up with him.

"I may have missed you y/n but I did not miss that nickname you gave me," Aaron stated.

"Hey! YOU started it ok so lets go I wanna meet this 'everybody' character you seem so excited about," I started running out of the airport.

We left the building and got into his car on our way to my new life back into town.

Zane's POV:

"Aphmau do I really have to go to this... Party I don't even know who it is for," I complained.

I didn't know this person and I personally don't care to.

"Yes you do have to come it's Aaron's little sister what could go wrong?" Aphmau said as we walked to her house where everyone was set up.

"Aaron's little sister huh? Is this the first time you heard of her Aph?" I asked.

"Yea it is I'm not mad though, I do wonder why I never ran into her even though we went to the same high school it's strange? Maybe she was like you in high school Zane, kept to themselves because they were "cool" and "edgy," Aphmau giggled.

"Hey!" I yelled at Aphmau.

It was followed with more laughter and I sighed as a responce I can't stay mad at Aph.

Your POV:

We pulled into a driveway and I stepped out of the car wondering who's house this was.

"This is Aphmau's house, Aaron explained.

"Aphmau? Have you told me about her? I can't remember?" I pondered over this then Aaron snapped me back to reality.

"Come on y/n lets go"


We got to the door as he opened it I stepped in...

"WELCOME HOME Y/N!!!!" People jumped out of places saying that.

I flinched because it startled me.

"Hey, y/n... you're y/n right?" A woman about my height approached me, "I'm Aphmau it's nice to meet you."


"Y/n..." Aaron started, " Aphmau here is my girlfriend-"

"Look at you," I punched his arm really hard, "and I was starting to think I would never have a sister in law."

"..." Everyone was dead silent.

"?" I had a puzzeled look on my face, "did I do something wrong?" I asked.

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