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wingless sharks

with shrinking lungs

float in the deep end

the Bad plagues my village of solitude

and erases the tangerine sunrise

the night quakes as the moon resurfaces

and i wonder if Good is afraid of the night

the investigation,

i haven't turned it in yet

(where is the evidence?)

(how did we become?)

the void within my chest

consumes the corners of my being

and i search for enlightenment

within boyish fools, but am greeted by ignorance

(just wait for Him to arrive)

i sleep in

a glorious abyss

in order to secrete myself

from the illuminated predators

my scent is shaded in

blue misery, rock music, orange soda

and locked inside the linings of their noses

lunar laced cages,

twinkling caught up in lungs,

the solar heart hasn't fallen out (yet)

the (mal)functions of the big (bang) brain

there is a story

within my (chipped) circuits

if you look at the screen,

you can and you will see:

formation, digression, dumpster sophistica

oppression, in (and out of) style americana

immigrant brain, native delirium, space consumption

reality lens, parched mangoes, raccoon warnings

apocalyptic vision, angst socrates, spiritual ignorance

confused words, long ago revolution, deportation from blue

Beginning and End, Good and Bad, loud sounds!

in bloom

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