Chapter 6

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The first three hours of their newly forged relationship was going perfectly. If by perfectly they meant comparable to the deepest level of Hell. They had started by stopping at Elion's apartment. Stavros followed him, glaring and looking around in disgust while Elion gathered clothing and a few personal items. Elion didn't think his apartment was that bad. It was clean, it just lacked décor or anything to make it homey.He could only imagine what Stavros' looked like. It was probably filled with dungeon equipment and darkness.

He awkwardly waited while Stavros let him into his own apartment. The sight made Elion do a double take almost immediately. It was domestic, almost sickeningly so. The floors were a dark hardwood with a large, fluffy rug between the long dark blue couch and the large flat screen on the wall. Abstract paintings hung on the walls and even the curtains seemed to be coordinated, even if they were designed to not let in any form of sunlight.

It was open and spacious with a smooth flow to it. The kitchen was modern and fit for someone who enjoyed cooking, but it was the bedroom that shocked him the most. The walls were a midnight blue with slate grey molding. The bed was big enough to fit five of them but looked as though it hadn't ever been slept in. The thick black bedding was smoothed of any wrinkles and the matching pillows were placed neatly. The bedside lamps looked as they had been handcarved by a crafter from the Woodlands, but that was the only décor to the room, it worked though. It was calm and domestic.

He blushed when he realized Stavros was watching him study the room. He dropped his bag in the corner and went back to awkward following. His bottom lip felt swollen from his chewing at it nervously and his eyes were sore from lack of sleep. Stavros hadn't said a single word since the sidewalk incident and for the first time, it was bothering him. It made him feel on edge and small.

After having forgotten about their limited separation distance, Stavros attempted to shower while Elion sat on the couch awkwardly. The end result was the discovery that they could either shower together or one could sit in the hallway and wait for the other. As much as Elion enjoyed sneaking peeks at the jerk's body, he wasn't getting in the shower with him. He sat in the hallway twiddling his thumbs and waiting less than patiently while Starvos seemed to take the worlds longest shower, no doubt intentionally.

The following hours weren't any better. Stavros sat on the floor reading over files and completely ignoring him until Elion finally cleared his throat.

"How about I make dinner?" He offered with a forced smile.

"Whatever." Stavros muttered. He shoved his ponytail back over his shoulder before he began reading again.

"Alright. Anything in particular you do or don't eat?"

"What do you eat?" The question caught him so off guard that he momentarily forgot. Stavros gave him a pointed look that made a blush creep up his neck.

"I-uh- I eat fruit and vegetables mostly."

"You don't like meat?" He asked casually, leaning away from his file. Elion shifted nervously, his fingers working into his pockets as he tried not to blush further.

"I-it just doesn't taste good to me." He had no idea why he was suddenly shy or why he felt the need to defend his eating choices. Stavros, for the first time, was asking him an legitimate question without malice or attempting to pick a fight. "I can fix you whatever you'd like though."

"Whatever." The older man muttered in response.

The entire exchanged was odd, but exhilarating. For the first time they had exchanged words like normal beings. It was civil and..strange. He wanted to go feel Stavros's forehead to make sure he wasn't ill. Instead, he began searching through the cambions cabinets and fridge, frowning at the low selection of edible food and the way he kept getting jerked back from their bond limits.

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