Chapter 10

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Elion could only hold his pounding head in his hands and pray that he hadn't done anything stupid the day before. He was still breathing so he couldn't have pissed Stavros off too much. He vaguely remembered questioning Stavros about his odd sleep behavior but everything after that was blurred.

He hadn't never questioned Stavros's habits when it came to feeding because it had never seemed relevant. Then again, he had never met an incubus cambion. He knew that they fed off of sexual pleasure, but that was about it.

It was sad really, and it made Elion see Stavros in a different light. It couldn't be much of a surprise for him to be such an emotionally constipated hard ass when intimacy meant something completely different for him.

He groaned softly, desperately needing a toothbrush and a shower but he didn't have it in him to wake up Stavros. Partially because he was terrified of what he may have done or said, and partially because there were still a few hours before morning. He looked around for any clothing that was within reach and cringed, hoping he hadn't tried to seduce the bastard or something. He knew he had a tendency to sometimes get touchy-feely after a few too many. He hadn't planned on even getting drunk. He just wanted a few drinks to forget about the shitty start to a shitty day. He had thought he and Stavros would knock this case out of the park with ease, that maybe the older man would give him a little bit of credit and life would continue. Instead, he was quickly finding out that being a detective was not all it was cracked up to be.

He winced at the sharp pain in his temples that moving caused and slid off the side of the bed. He grabbed his laptop and what files he could reach before that damned tugging reminded him that he was still stuck to Stavros. He grumbled to himself, glancing over his shoulder at the beautiful man sleeping a few feet away. His sheet was crumpled just below his navel, exposing every defined muscle he had to offer from the waist up. His lips twitched every few moments as if Stavros was going to speak at any moment. Elion could easily follow the curves of muscle in the bicep that Stavros had draped above his head, showing only a fraction of the power that he knew Stavros had, and Elion realized that maybe being bound with him wasn't so bad...and that was bad.

Elion tried to stay quiet as he flipped through new reports until Stavros woke up. Neither spoke to the other until they were both showered and their teeth had been scrubbed free of any lingering bitter tastes from the night prior. Stavros looked almost as rough as Elion, but he didn't remember his partner drinking half as much as he did. Either way, when Elion ordered room service, Stavros didn't object or complain like he normally did with every single move Elion made.

Stavros rubbed his sore eyes and glanced up. Elion was sitting crossed legged on his bed, his brow slightly furrowed as he read the screen of his laptop. Every few minutes he would bring a piece of fruit to his lips and slowly slip it in before sucking the juice off his fingers. He wrestled with the want to cut them off and throw them out the window so the brat couldn't do it again before sipping at the hot tea next to him.

Elion's lip twitched into a confused frown as he clicked something and his dark eyes scanned the screen. "Stavros, you said that exhibit that was broken into was holding a ruby necklace, right?" He asked as his slender fingers darted around the keyboard.

Stavros nodded as he set down his mug. "Supposed to be worth millions in the human world." He mumbled, reading off the paper to his left.

"It was put on exhibit months before the break-in. Nothing else was touched. Not even the artifacts that are easily worth as much and probably easier to steal."

"Is this going someplace?" Stavros asked, his voice missing any real malice as he studied Elion's face.

Elion smirked and nodded. "So, four vampires were murdered yesterday. Two bodies show standard burn patterns from sunlight, despite the accelerant that was poured on them. Someone called the police complaining about loud noises. An officer was on scene within four minutes. By his calculations sunrise was less then two minutes prior to his arrival."

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