Hans was a dedicated officer of the student body organization.

Christian  was the vice president and Hans was an auditor.

Suddenly, there's an upcoming group of newbies who just about to begin their journey in college life.

If the main org is where Christian and Hans belong, there are also subsets of officers per year level.

Sophie had become popular of their batch for just few days. She's fair, with blue eyes, with straight auburn hair and a 5'4" footer.

Although Sophie wasn't elected as the first year's batch president, she became the secretary instead.

At first sight, Hans and Christian fell inlove secretly with this new girl. They got attracted of course with her deceiving looks.

One more thing she's elected easily to be an officer is because she's mistaken to be nerdy in a pair of Esprit eye glasses.

She's not only a Goddess beauty, but also containing a hear t of gold.

Hans and Christian had a great chance to get to know this beautiful young lady for they are all in the same organization.

Hans got to be with her more often.

Because Sophie is really kind and friendly, Hans and Sophie become  friends.

Hans is not onnly a dedicated SBO Officer but also an inspired art enthusiast.

He must be always inspired with the works of art but he's more inspired from the day Sophie came to his life.

He might also have a giddy feeling to his 'beauty queen-esque' co-artist in a school paper but nothing compares to the aura Sophie has.

They've always been friends

Hans and Sophie became textmates.

Sophie didn't know Hans had already been eyeing her as someone special but that feeling Hans was having should be kept as a secret ,because Sophie might unfriend Hans if Sophie knows Hans doesn't see her as a friend.

Hans was scared to let Sophie know so he kept things slowly but surely.

He languished all his life hiding his feelings to Sophie.

Hans was kind, thoughtful and polite-robot to her all the time.

Sophie was lucky to have Hans for having someone to talk to: whether casual gossip tidbits or anything under the sun to pop on mind for conversation starters.

Hans used to call her " baby", "sister", or just the combined "baby sister" just to be a little bit closer yet without malice.

Everytime he puts his arm around her shoulder, he always add up an act of pretending he just treat her as a friend.

For one week, Hans had missed Sophie a lot for she didn't visit the org's office that often.

He thought she was so busy in her studies and duties.

It felt him a litttle sick without having a sight of her.

Until today.

All he knew to do was to play on his mind the motion pictures of the times they've been together.

They're just friends.

He daydreamed alone in the office and staring blankly at the org's bulletin board--imagining Sophie's face.

But that was his time for him to think a wooing strategy to get Sophie.

After hours of being alone and being bored with nothing to do but to doodle, he didn't even realized he already made an exact charcoal pencil drawing of Sophie's beautiful face.

This time, he's already ready to confess. That was he thought.

After one hour, Christian went to the office ecstatically.

"Yeees! Whooo! I'm sooo HAAAAPPPYYY!", Christian made a loud uplifting roar that made Hans exit  from the world of boredom he has.

Hans said, "What's up?"

"Just secret bro! You must know it already. Sophie is your 'baby sister'! ", Christian replied.

Later, Sophie came in.

The perfect drawing Hans made is another factor that build him more self-esteem to confess his feelings.

Hans was a neat artist so there's no doubt will Sophie will be impressed.

Sophie will definitely accept it.

" Hi Sophie. For you", Hans presented his sketch to Sophie shyly

"Thanks! You're the best". Sophie replied.

Hans felt a relief.

" I have something to tell you", Hans said.

" No, I have something to tell you ,too.", Sophie insisted.

A long silence occured.

Since Hans is kind, thoughtful and a polite-robot to her all the time, he let Sophie share her news first.

" Christian is now my boyfriend!", Sophie sounded excited and eager.

Hans in his thought had a jolt of phobia, shame and anger rolled into one.

As usual, those feelings are in control.

He had to pretend to be eager and act like nothing happened.

It was like the worst day ever than any of typhoons and tsunamis.

"Rea-eea--lly? Congratulations, my dear baby sssssister", Hans said in a stammering manner which in fact resulted from the shocking statement he just lately heard.

His left hand was holding a 7B Staedler Charcoal pencil.

Without thinking, he broke the pencil absent-mindedly.

The time the pencil broke happened under the wooden office desk having it hidden from the sight of Sophie.

" So, we have to go", Sophie bid goodbyes to the one she knows her big brother.

" You know what Hans, I'm excited to see her getting to know my parents! Bye Hans!" Christian ended the conversations as the newly-declared couple went away.

Hans was pissed off.

He have to be sure they had already left before he threw an object to release his anger.

Technically, there's no embarrassment happened.

But he declared from that day he will never ever communicate with Sophie again.

He found a jeepney which goes to Ligao City.

The stereo blasted a sad love song which for him really sucks.

Corny. He thought

He'd almost tear up.

But he had to hold his tears until he's home.

When he reached his bedroom, he went to bed and covered his body with a blanket and started crying.

He's full of regrets. If he had only made his confession earlier.

That was too late.

He went on rummaging his Facebook account and the news feed says Sophie Martin is now in a relationship with Christian Louboutin .

He stalked on Sophie's Facebook Timeline.

And he hate to see Sophie's newest cover photo: Sophie and Christian's sweetest photo ever, holding hands under a salmon-y sunset of the Legazpi Boulevard.

And this is another Happy Never After fairytale.

And this is the story of a man who had no guts. . . . 

[The End.]

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