Living in Hell with a Cheater ( Park Jimin x Reader ) by Jisookim101
Living in Hell with a Cheater ( Chimchim95
Will I ever be loved? Was it all fake? It hurts so bad. Why are you doing this to me? God I hate my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Save me...
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»Faded« // Min Yoongi [#BangtanAwards] by MrsJungkxxk
»Faded« // Min Yoongi [ Yuns
[ This is the continuation of my first Book "Pillowtalk // Min Yoongi"] Five years have passed since Jennie left Korea, Her family and Yoongi and everything...
  • english
  • yoongi
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Miraculous Lovesickness by Flores14Elemental
Miraculous Lovesicknessby Flores14Elemental
Lovesickness~ someone holding in their feelings for someone else so long that it makes them sick. The only cure for Lovesickness is a kiss. Why did Marinette all of a su...
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Lovesick | e.g.d by angelisaamos15
Lovesick | e.g.dby angelisa amos
Lovesick: Unhappy because of love: feeling weak, foolish, or unhappy because someone you love does not love you. Started~ April 22, 2018 Ended~
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Hear me out by DinaTequila
Hear me outby Dinò
Hört mir einfach zu. Denn es ist eben so, dass wir alle Lügner sind. Das wunderbare Cover ist von @BuesraBourbon♥️ •Alle Gedanken sind meine.
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Love sickness by Indgio
Love sicknessby Eirelynbird
Every year there's a big test well I wouldn't call it a test more like a cheek up, every doctor comes to see if your sick. Not sick with a cold, but sick like in love. ...
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