What You Don’t Know About The Immortal Princess
• Civil Engineering student (but ambitions to shift for fashion design and arts)
• Loves Malteses, Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers
• Can finish a huge Sloppy Joe in one sitting
• Member of the exclusive and gorgeous NBSB clique (you know what I mean)
• Likes hot pink and dislikes the cheap shade of pink
• Loves anything FRENCH ( French fries, French vanilla icecream, French toast)
• A portrait artist
• A staff writer in school who’s then an editorial cartoonist
• Like Gossip Girl’s Selena, not Blair
• A fashion enthusiast/ Chictopia style council
• Loves Crème Brulee
• Admires the sultry, fashionista chef Ravinder Bhogal
• A dying-hard fan of Julia Franchesca Barretto Baldivia and wants to be a member of JBeauties Fans Club
• If there’s a chance to change her real name it would be Margaux Alexandria
• Believes independent women are hot..
• Passionate about playing piano (favorite piano covers: Insomnia, Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum and etc.)
• Likes Paramore music ( I got a lot to say to you, Yeah I got a lot to say I noticed your eyes are always glued to me)
• Has a Yahoo ID which takes you centuries for you to type.
• Writes a poem when inspired
• Addicted to everything HelloKitty
• Addicted to everything fashion games
• Hates a person who sings out loud in a classroom eventhough she’s not asked to do so
• Cross-eyes to have fun
• Can’t help adoring any Phineas and Ferb music videos
• Loves the type of guy who is “straight forward” and “sincere” to his feelings. Of course, I’m after to the kind of tall, good-looking,witty , with sense of humor, caring, thoughtful, sweet and loyal. Someone who coincidentally shares the same interests with me is just a bonus.
• Prefers movies with science fiction genres rather than any romantic and chic ones
• Is included in a girl clique which is named after a comic strip character she made for a campus art exhibit
• Says Thor is hotter than Captain America
  • Legazpi, Albay
  • JoinedJune 18, 2013


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