Harry (Louis crush) (3)- Louis was currently bouncing you on his hip, as you and him chased Harry around. "C'mon bug. Let's catch that fur ball", Louis told you. You giggle and held onto him tighter. When you guys caught Harry, Louis tickled him, and you tried, but you pretty much ended up just poking his skin. Harry shot up and started tickled to you, and you giggled for help from Louis. Louis picked you up and saved you. You gave him a big kiss on the cheek. "Y/n. Does someone like Louis". You nodded your head, kisses him again, and huge him tightly.

Louis (crush Niall) (4)- You and all the boys were all outside playing soccer. You all decided it was time to sit down and eat. You were sitting on Louis lap when a wonderful idea that almost every girl has came to your mind. You wiggled out of your brothers lap and headed for Niall, who deep into his food. You poked his check and he looked up to you. "Hey princess" he said. "Will you marry me NiNi?" You asked him in your toddler voice. Awes and laughs spread throughout the boys, as Niall sat there with a confused but happy look. "Well I'd love to. But it has to be ok with your brother" he told you. "I don't know bug" Louis jokingly told you. You got tears in your eyes and one rolled down your cheeck. "It's ok y/n! I was just kidding! Of course you can marry Niall! " Louis said wipping your eye. You all made a fake wedding. Liam read the vows and Louis walked you down the ale. Harry and Zayn danced around pretending to be a couple. "You may now kiss the bride" Liam said. Niall gave you a big whooping kiss on the cheeck. When the wedding ended you said "ok. I'm going to nap now"

Niall (crush Zayn) (6)You woke up screaming and crying. You had the scarest dream EVER. Zayn said he didn't love you anymore! And you didn't want that! He said he hated you so much that you were killing him. The more you said you love him, he died a little! More and more he died right in front of you. Niall ran into your room rocket spead. Once he saw you he picked you up like a baby. "Shhh princess Shhh it sad only a dream, I'm here now" he told you "NO HE HATES ME" you screamed and cried and thrashed your body agnaist him. "Baby. Calm down. Shhh baby girl shhh baby." Once you were calm you told him about your dream. "Do you have a crush on Zayn?" Ni asked you. "Yes. I love him!" You replied. Niall called up Zayn and told him about the dream you had. Seeing it was only about 10 at night, Zayn came over to your house. Once he got there he went straight to your room and saw Niall holding your still crying body. He rushed over and picked you up. "Shh baby. It's Zayn. I don't hate you. I love you so so much" he said while kissing your cheeck. He rocked you back and forth saying how much he loved you and sang softly to you. You ended up falling asleep on him, and Zayn decided to stay the night. You, Zayn, and Niall all decided to sleep on his bed. You fell asleep with Zayn holding you.

Zayn (crush Liam) (2)

Liam was currently babysitting you while he had to take photos or something like that. You were personally thrilled! Liam was your favorite! Whenever you got a new poster you always pointed him out, you, Zayn, bought posters of only Liam, and you had his doll and blankie in your crib. Liam was currently trying to help you write, he helped you spell out your name, then he held your hand in his as he helped you write. Then you tried his name and it came out, almost readable. "Lim!" You giggled and clapped! "Good job baby!" He said kissing your cheeck. He put his signature at the bottom of your page, and that's when Zayn walked in. "Look at this y/n! Wanna go hang this in your room?" Zayn asked, picking up the paper. You nodded excitedly and held your arms out for Liam to pick you up. When he did you all headed for your room. Liam all but gasped when he entered your Liam obsessed room. "Y/n has a crush on me!" Liam stated! "Lim" you giggled and clapped again.

Liam (crush harry) (5)

"NO NO NO" you cried as Liam tried to take you into the pool. "C'mon baby it's ok! I'm right here! I promise I won't let you go." Liam tried to plead with you. You just started to cry some more and hold onto the wall. "Hey hey what's going on out here" Harry asked coming out. You had always like Harry and you were embarrissed you were afraid of the water. Liam explained what was going on and Harry asked "baby I'll go in the water ok and I can hold on to you". You nodded warely. He took off his cloth (;), leaving him in only his boxers. He picked you up and started walking down the steps to the water. Once your legs were in the water you started to cry. "Hey hey now. No tears missy. The water won't get you! It will have to go through me first" Harry told you. He danced around and goofed off until your whole body got used to the water. "See baby this is fun" Harry said kissing your cheeck. You think you love a little bit more now.

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