Harry(3)- You were just running around in the front yard. Harry was sitting on the porch reading something on his phone.

You found an old skateboard in your from when Harry tried to be a skater boy, and ya, that didn't go so well.

You tried to roll down your drive way when you rolled into the grass, flipping you off the skateboard.

You looked at your elbow and saw it was scraped and you starte to cry.

Harry ran over and picked you up, kissing your cheek. "Did someone fall off their brother's skateboard?" Harry cooed at you. You just nodded your head and cried some more.

"Where does it hurt?" He asked you, gently rocking you. You pointed to your elbow where the scrap was.

He brought you inside and put a barbie bandage on it and kissed it.

Liam (6) - Liam had brought you to the park and you couldn't be more excited! You loved the monkey bars! It was your favorite thing. You ran to te monkey bars while Liam sat on the bench.

The monkey bars will a little too high for you, so you figured you'd just jump and make it. Wrong.

You jumped as high as you could but ended up banging your head on the monkey bar. You sat on the ground and looked around for a second, then started to scream.

Liam ran over and picked you up, seeing the nick on your head. "Oh baby, what happened?" He asked, wipping some blood off your head with his sleeve.

"Ijustjumpedbutihitmyhead!" You cried out.

He carried you to the car where he kept bandages and disinfectant. Daddy directioner for ya there.

He gently cleaned the blood up and put the disinfectant on it then a bandage. He kissed your head and put you in the car and took you home.

Louis(5)- you were simply playing on a swing when you look for your brother. You see him below you and he tells your going to high.

"Hows do I slow don?" You ask him.

"You figure that out on your own babe" he told you.

You stuck your legs out in hope when they hit the ground it would stop you. Well the swing had other ideas. When your legs hit the ground you flew out of the swing, right on your face.

Blood was pouring from your nose and you were screaming. Louis ran over and picked you up.

"I'm so sorry. I was an asswhole and I should have helped. Oh shit. I think it's broken princess." He said while cradling you.

He drove you to the hospital where they put your nose in a funny cast and you thought you looked ugly.

You tried to rip it off when Louis walked in. So he grabbed your arms and asked what you were doing.

"I looks ugly" you tell him.

"I think you look super cool. You can say you got in a fight and won!"

Liam(3) - You just got put into a big girl bed! Yay! You coiuld prove your a big girl now! You were asleep the first night with Liam sleeping in the chair, keeping an eye on you. Half way through the night you rolled off the bed and onto your tummy.

You started to cry and Liam shot up from his sleep and grabbed you.

"Did you fall out of bed Hun?" He asked you.

You nodded your head and held on to Liam tighter.

"How bout I sleep in your bed with you? And make sure you don't roll off for the rest of the night?" He asks you.