Ch 8.

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[Takes place after Girl meets I do and before Girl meets Sassy Halter Top/Real World. I got the idea from someone wanting them to confess their love and Maya sounded like she was recovering from a cold in SHT/RW]


The next morning Maya woke up to the sounds of the city. As her eyes adjusted to the light she felt terrible, her head was pounding and her throat was sore. Maya sighed sitting up before regretting it feeling a dizzy sensation take over. She laid back down slowly
Maya knew right away she couldn't tell Riley. She would feel awful if Riley got sick because of her. Maya also knew that her mom had already left for work for the rest of today.

Suddenly the blonde felt bile raising from the back of her throat as she quickly stumbled to the bathroom trashcan where she puked.

After puking, Maya laid down on the cold tile floor too energy drained to get back up feeling chills rack her body as she curled up into a ball.

'Today was going to be a long day' she thought as she drifted back to a sleepy haze.

The second time Maya woke up it was to a thud somewhere far off in her room.

"Maya?" She heard a familar voice call out.
"In here." she croaked out. She didn't feel any better since that morning. In fact it only felt worse.

"Maya you weren't answe- Peaches!" Maya grimanced the voice booming as she heard footsteps approach.

Quickly Riley kneeled next to Maya feeling her forehead, Maya flinching at the sudden coldness.

"Your burning up Maya. Cmon. Lets get you to bed. " The brunette scooped up the smaller girl up in her arms.

Maya snuggled into the taller girls embrace murmuring hoarsly

"Don't feel good."

Riley gently placed Maya in her bed, only to have Maya tighten her embrace on her.


"Always peaches. Let me go get you medicine and stuff first."

Maya let go and curled back in a ball as Riley got the trash can and put it besides her.

Riley then fetched the thermometer, first aid kit, and medicine. Riley took Maya's temperature, 100.2 F.

Rileys eyebrows furrowed in worry as she glanced at her friend. She needed to bring down her temperature. First thing that would help would probably be getting her out of her long sleeved pajamas.

"Maya. I need you to take off your pajamas. Are you wearing anything under it?" She whispered quietly, slightly nervous

Maya nodded unexpectedly taking off her top, right there. Riley whirled around turning her back to Maya blushing slightly.
She didn't know why she did it. Shes seen Maya change into pjs and stuff. Riley shrugged guessing it was because Maya was vulnerable right now.

If Maya were feeling better, she would've teased Riley. But she didn't.

After Maya undressed she was just in a sports bra and underwear. Riley turned back around trying not let her gaze linger on her friend.

  When Maya woke back up, it was to something cold being place on her forehead, arms and legs. She ignored it and felt herself fade away back to sleep.
"Hey Maya." Mayas eyes fluttered open to see Riley hovering over her with a bowl of soup. "Yeah?" She croaked out.

"Sit up Peaches I brought soup."

Maya sat up taking her time before looking at Riley. She felt god awful. It reminded her of the time when she go herself locked out of school during recess because she went to explore and it started pouring and of course she didn't have a jacket and it was before she knew Riley, so the next day she got full fledged flu.

Riley took the spoon and held it to Maya who took it gratefully.

No longer than three minutes later she found herself puking in the trash can on the side of her bed with Riley gently massaging her shoulders after pulling her hair up.

"Oh peaches." Was all the taller girl could say sympathetically.

Maya slowly started to fall asleep before suddenly feeling a dip in the bed and feeling Riley hug her close.

"why didn't you tell me?" Maya was unsure whether the brunette was talking about her love or being sick.

"Didn't want you to leave me." She spoke quietly. Best to go with the latter. She was tired of keeping the secret.

"Maya, why would I leave you because you're sick?"

"oh. That. I didn't want you to get sick." The blonde mumbled the best she could with a stuffy nose.

Riley turned to face Maya and cocked an eyebrow.

"What were you talking about?"

Maya sighed nasally, before breaking off into a hoarse fit of coughing, Riley steadying her gently.

"You okay there?" She inquired shortly after the coughing had stopped.

Maya nodded thankful she had her best friend/crush to save the day.

"I love you." She murmured now half delirious from the medicine taking its course.

"Aww, Peaches I love you too, of course I would come when your sick. You couldn't keep me away if you tried."

Maya shook her head. She didn't know why she was doing this now but it felt right.

"No Riles, I mean like I'm in love with you. Have been since the day we met. "
Maya spoke softly trying to get her friend to understand. But she didn't expect the brunette to react the way she did.

"Im in love with you too." Maya felt a small kiss to her forehead as she drifted on in a dreamy haze.

Authors note:
Thoughts? Any ideas on next chapter. Im thinking of Maya waking up and being like whaaaaaaaaa. xD

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