Ch 10

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a/n: Takes place during the episode the Great Lady of New York


As Maya got to class that morning she felt the same. Well, not really. When the bell rang, she still was in awe of what had happened the past day. She wasn't just Maya Hart, Best friend of Riley Matthews, no. She was Maya Hart, Riley Matthews was her girlfriend. She knew the term would take a while to getting used to but she couldn't believe it.

  "...Anybody know what she's trying to say? Maya?" Maya glanced up and shot Mr. Matthews a smile as she quickly read the board. Okay, the great lady of New York. 

 "Should I just talk?" Maya saw the look on her girlfriend's face and tried to keep it together. Time to try to show off her smarts. (Even though she knew she probably would just make a fool out of herself." 

" No, I'm sick of people thinking Farkle's smarter than I am."

"Here comes fun." She caught the sarcastic remark of Riley and turned to Farkle. Okay, time to show who's really (not) smart here.

 "Name one thing about the Statue of Liberty that you know that I don't."
"She was a gift of friendship from..." Maya quickly said the first name that came to her mind.  "Cathy." Honestly, she knew that wasn't right but hey, At least she was confident. 
"We got her right after..." "Cathy didn't want her anymore." She finished. 

"What does she stand for?" "Because Cathy took her chair." by the end she was trying desperately to keep a straight face because even though Farkle was...well, Farkle, ever since she came out to him she had gotten closer to him. And, hey at least Farkle didn't make too much fun of her.
"Boy, that Cathy, huh, what a hoot."
"She's not real, genius. I made her up. I'm so smarter than you." She replied obviously. Look at her and Farkle playing all nice. It was better than him exposing her secrets. 

As Mr. Matthews began to talk again she looked at her girlfriend. This was why Maya sat behind her this year. She could "oggle" (as Farkle once described it) without really being caught, but now that Farkle knew she tried to follow the conversation of Riley and her dad. 

"You have a wonderful story. Its time you find out what yours is."

After class got out Maya still was on cloud nine.

Sh glanced at Riley and they linked arms walking to the subway to go home. "So, Cathy, huh?" Was Riley's first remark smirking at her girlfriend. Maya playfully smacked her arm. "shut up, it was the first thing that came to mind. And besides, seems like you've got a wonderful back story, Miss Great Lady of Cream cheese." Riley rolled her eyes before stepping on the subway pulling her girlfriend along with her. 

After sitting for a moment of silence Maya glanced up at Riley. Since the taco thing, there was conflict they still had to talk about, hint, hint Josh. Maya still remembered the bobble head situation


Maya was sitting against the space next to the door. When she woke up she had planned on getting tacos but that plan went to shreds.

 "Life, we need to talk. Here I am on taco day, no taco whatsoever. Would you care to explain yourself in your mysterious ways?"

Suddenly the door opens revealing none other than Josh. Immediately Maya's eyes widened. She was so screwed. She and Riley had never come out yet. Riley wasn't the one afraid, in fact, it was Maya that was terrified. She knew that yeah, her family would be accepting. Yeah, her friends were accepting. But Maya wasn't naive, she knew that there were terrible people in the world. Maya also knew that she couldn't protect Riley from everything. She did have the Riley committee. But that didn't even save Riley from "Sassy Halter Top" Maya knew that ever since becoming more than friends, Riley was giving her the needed space and was trying to go along with Maya acting like they were just friends but she knew that she would have to explain things. 

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