Ch. 3

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She had gotten an A. For the first time in her entire life, Maya Penelope Hart had gotten an A in school. And you better believe that Maya was proud. But to be honest, even though the A thing was all cool, she honestly didn't want an A if her best friend had gotten her first D. She didn't mean to be prideful but she just couldn't help it. After the celebratory dance and putting it onto the fridge in the Matthews house she decided maybe she could cheer up Riley.

"It misses you." She said to Riley, and turned around. But what she didn't expect was Riley to be right behind her. Maya quickly swallowed anything she was going to say. Now is not a time to be gay Hart. She thought to herself as she quickly turned away. The shocking part was moments like those, she saw Riley's beautiful brown eyes. Maya loved Riley's eyes, but that was one of the few moments she's ever been so close to her friend. And the first thought that crossed though her mind was simple. What would happen if I kissed her? Obviously, Maya Hart would not kiss her, that would just be dumb. But to be honest, all this secrecy was catching back up with her. And Maya had a really bad feeling it might end up like Texas again.

That was the last thing Maya needed, a repeat of Texas. The only reason she didn't want Huckleberry to get on that bull; well two reasons actually. First, he would get hurt. Then it would absolutely break Riley. And Maya loved Riley, it would kill her if she was sad. But no, of course, Riley thought, "oh you like him! Cause you flirt with him"

Maya only flirted with him because she hoped she would scare Huckleberry away, but to no such luck. In fact, it only made it worse. So then, she hoped maybe Riley would somehow get jealous of Lucas, but to her dismay that plan b a c k f i r e d.

And here she was filled with the utmost gay feelings for her best friend. And to be honest, it had started to eat her up, feeling guilty in so many ways, so instead she just tried to hide it. Little did she know it was all about to change.


"Maya... Earth to Maya... MAYA!"

Maya jerked her head up to see her best friend inches away from her face. And to be honest, it was taking a lot of willpower not to just kiss here right then and there.

"Yeah Riles?" Maya replied still sounding far away.

Riley sighed a frown forming as she sat back down and took Maya's hand in hers and interlaced her fingers.

"You're not yourself Peaches. Something's wrong. What's the matter?"

"What you mean I'm not myself, I'm perfectly fine, thanks for asking!" The blonde rebuffed sarcastically.

Riley sighed and narrowed her eyes as if she were solving a puzzle

"No, Maya, you aren't, your art has turned horrible, you're getting good grades, you've been dressing like me, and I'm beginning to think you've gotten... Softer. "

The shorter girl raised an eyebrow and bit back from saying something, before deciding it was worth saying, but before she could get even a word out, it was like her best friend knew exactly what she just did,

Riley gestured to Maya, speaking anxiously,

"See!? You're even second guessing yourself. Maya! YOU'RE MAYA!! Where's the fierce, Amazonian Warrior??"

Suddenly it was like something inside Maya snapped.

She stood up, yanking her hand out of Riley's and glared accusingly at the brunette,

"What if maybe I don't want to be me!" She retorted bitterly.

A thunderous silence enveloped the two world girls as Riley tried to understand where this was all coming from.

"So you're acting more like me because you want Ranger Rick to like you?" Riley spoke slowly the gears in her head still processing this somewhat new information.

"God dammit! NO! Why do you ALWAYS assume that it's Lucas I want?!? No Riley, if I liked Lucas then I would act more like you, more innocent, but I'm not Riley! I'm trying to act more like Lucas because  RILES I want you!" She argued, the last three words spoken emphasized before both of them realizing what Maya said.

As soon as those words left her mouth, Maya's eyes grew wide, as she clambered so quickly out the bay window, Riley didn't even realize she had left due to her own shock.

Maya liked her?!

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