Girl's Night.

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*This Chapter contains some multimedia within the story

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As soon as we got home, I got my stanky ass in the shower. I now lay on my bed with my hair wrapped in a towel, wearing a tank top and sleep shorts. Chase shirtless image is burned into my memory, and that's okay. It can stay in my memory, it's a nice vision. Taylor will be calling me as she got off of work, and we'd plan our Saturday night. So until then, I watch whatevers on TV.

♦ ♢♦ ♢♦ 

My body jumps at the intrusion of a song playing loudly, I glance around my room momentarily confused. The towel on my head unravels as I look around, I pull it off and throw it. Damn it. My phone, the cause of scaring me, lays on the bed next to me. My best friend's picture on the screen, and the song playing is her ring tone specifically assigned to her. Damn. I fell asleep.

I quick grab my phone, sliding the little green icon over, and put it to my ear.

"Hello." my voice is raspy from sleep.

"Bitch, are you sleepin?"

"Well I was."

"It's freakin' six thirty on a Saturday, and you're sleeping? You are SO lame."

This makes me smile, "It was just a nap. Shut up. You comin' over now?"

"Yeah, sorry it's a bit later, I went home to pack a bag and Jer stopped by for a bit. I guess he's going with the guys to Sliders."

Saturday is mine and Tay's day. We do see each other at school every day, but we promised that we reserved Saturday night for us. Plans always vary, sometimes they include Jeremy, sometimes not. Seems like tonight is just us.

"What you feel like doing?"

"I'm good with just hanging out, watching some movies, and stuffing our faces. I'm feeling lazy, I think my period's coming."

I laugh. "Well I got chocolate."

"Thank gawd! I got the pizza! I'll be over in a bit."

"Kayyy. See you."


I hang up and throw my phone down on the bed next to me. My hair is still damp, and now it's a wavy mess. My stomach growls and I am so looking forward to pizza! I hear loud voices booming from downstairs, I grab my phone and head down to see what's going on. I reach the bottom, the voices coming from the kitchen. My mom has a bunch of snacks on the middle island. Vin, Vance, Vaughn, Chase, and two more guys are standing around talking. I take in the two guys, I'm not sure who they are, then look at my brothers. They're all dressed nice minus Vaughn, who's in a tee and mesh shorts. Their dark hair is styled, a beer in each of their hands including Vaughn. My mom always enjoys entertaining people, even if it's just our friends. But mom is no where in sight. I snatch a piece of ring bologna from the tray, and dip it in some mustard.

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