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Jess' POV

After 21 years of living under the same roof of your parents and younger brother and sister it was the right time for me to move out and start the new life for myself  even if I was quite anxious about how it would work out. I'm not used to new places and what made me even more anxious was sharing a flat with someone I have never met before.

Freddy Cousin-Brown As Jess 

Freddy Cousin-Brown As Jess 

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It was the day. The day that I was officially moving out, from Brighton to London a 2 hour journey between them both. My stuff was packed in boxes which was nearly organised in the back of the family car. When we finally pulled up outside the new apartment building,where I would now call home, i piled my stuff into the elevator and within a minute I were outside the front door. I unlocked the door to see a modern apartment which was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. From the corner of my eye I could see someone sitting on the sofa. 

"Hi I'm Jess your new roommate" I walked over to a muscular figure with bright blue eyes laying across the sofa fast asleep. I decided not to wake him up so kind of wondered around the apartment getting to know my surroundings. After a while of looking around I finally found a empty room which I was guessing was now my room so I carried my boxes in and started to unpack. I had 1 box left to unpack but before I could unpack it someone stormed through my door holding a baseball bat. I recognised him as the guy sleeping on the sofa when I first arrived. 

"Who the hell are you, and why are you in my apartment? " he yelled. 

"Um.. I'm Jess your new roommate" I placed out my hand for him to shake but instead he just stud there with his hands in his pockets. 

"You're my new roommate? Well, okay then. I will give you space as long as you give me mine. Understand? 

 The angry aggressive tone gave me the instinct not to argue, Nodding I watched as he stormed out, slamming my bedroom door behind him. My eyebrows furrowing in confusion as I tried to comprehend what had just happened, I felt like an unwanted housemate. Continuing to unpack, I tried to distract myself, but my mind couldn't get off the feeling of being a burden.

Joes POV
My heart pounded, as I heard the shuffling and noise from the spare room. Grabbing the nearest object to me, which just so happened to be a baseball bat, which was unusual seeing as I had never played the sport in my life, and crept into the kitchen. Letting out a somewhat war cry before spotting the new girl, oh wait was this supposed to be my new roommate.

She was my new flat mate...great. 

Being a youtuber came with it's perks clearly. The fans, the social status and being lucky enough to have a job where I talked to a camera. But like everything it had it's downfalls, what comes with social status was trust issues. It seemed that I had got used more and more as time went on, where now I hardly trusted my friends. With the frequent question in my head if I was just another way of them social climbing. I hope this new girl doesn't know me, I hope that for once I have found someone that doesn't see the millions of followers, but instead Joe. Just Joe.

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