79-His Demanding Side.

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Preference #79: His Demanding Side.

This was requested!! <3


You've been quiet for a while, for no reason really, you just didn't want to talk... Harry must've noticed because he was getting annoyed at how you weren't being your normal self. "What's up, (Y/N)?" he asked, getting under the covers with you. You shrugged, "I dunno... It's nothing really," you answered, yawning. "We both know that's not true, seriously what's going on?" he asked again, more serious this time. "Seriously, nothing," you said... again. "(Y/N), you sure? I think there's something more than just nothing," he said, his voice aggravated. You rolled your eyes, and changed how you were laying, your back to Harry. "(Y/N)," he demanded, saying your name again. "Oh my god, Harry! You've already asked me several times if I'm okay! I am! I am perfectly fine! I tell you everything, so don't you think I would've told you already? I'm literally not talking because I don't want to! That's honestly the only reason," you snapped, pulling the comforter over your head when you were done. Harry didn't say anything else. He just got comfortable next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and buried his head in your neck, falling asleep.


"I need you to hold it longer; this cannot get out!" you and Louis had been dating secretly for the past couple of months, but you just wanted to go ahead and get the news out. "Louis, we've been dating for how long?" you asked, crossing your arms. "Three months, but like I said, I need more time!" Louis answered, not happily at all. "More time for what?" He stayed silent, but you shifted your weight to the other foot, getting slightly annoyed. "Well?" You asked again. "I can't have the fans saying things about you, and I can't have the fans making rumors about us! I don't want to see the fans tear us apart!" he suddenly exploded, huffing every other second. "Louis, you know the song Through The Dark?" He scoffed, "I made that song, babe..." "Then, no matter what, no matter what anybody says, even if I do become broken, we'll make it through the dark, Louis."


All day, Liam kept on sending you dirty texts, calling you and telling you how much he wants you. When you finally came home, he was already home. You laughed when you saw him smirking at your every move. "Liam, stop!" you finally laughed, joining him on the couch. "Noooo, I want you (Y/N), I need you," he whispered, his eyes full of love. "Demanding today, huh?" you chuckled, making yourself at home on his lap. "No... Just loving," he cheekily grinned, pecking your cheeks, nose, jaw, neck and lips. You giggled at his soft, warm lips brushing against your skin. His fingers trickled up your shirt and fluttered against your back, leaving goosebumps in their wake. "Take your shirt off," he whispered, demanding. You did what you were told to do, and Liam continued to kiss you, smiling against your skin. "I want you to take off yours," you grinned, your fingers grazing against his warm skin. "No, baby, I tell you what do you today..." a deep laugh echoed through his chest, getting closer to you.


"No! (Y/N)! I need it done now, but it has to be organized!" Zayn was doing charity artwork, but he just couldn't get them organized in time, so he asked you, which probably wasn't a good idea. "I did!" you said back, confused. He went through his paintings, but they weren't organized up to his 'standards'. He didn't say anything, "You couldn't do one simple thing," he mumbled, under his breath. You rolled your eyes and left him alone. "(Y/N), I need you to make me something to eat before I leave..." He said to you, while scattering his artwork all over the floor. "Demanding a bit today, aren't you?" you sighed, walking past him and into the kitchen. "I just need it done, nothing else..." he grumbled. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean you can be mean about it. You don't have to be so demanding about it," you said, poking your head out of the doorway. You made him some food for him to take on the road. You went out to give it to him, and he took it, kissing your lips gently. His paintings in one hand and his lunch in the other, he kisses you, apologizing for his rude behavior.


Niall must've been on his man period all day because he was being rude... Really rude and prissy. All day, nothing fit to Niall's standards, and he really sounded like a greedy, famous person. Besides that he was famous, Niall wasn't normally greedy. It was over all the small things too. All day, you heard 'No! That's not right!' 'That isn't the right color! I need it in white!' 'Why can't I have this? I need it!' 'I want this, I didn't want that!' 'I need the new Supras, but of course, I already have too many shoes, as you say all the time.' You finally got tired of it when it was dinner, and you didn't make what he wanted. "Niall, shut up! Just shut up, shut up, shut up!" You screamed across the dinner table. You got up from the table, throwing your plate in the sink, making it shatter. You cussed under your breath and rolled your eyes. He walked over to the sink, helping you pick up the glass fragments all over the sink. You let a tear drop and a small sniffle, not meaning too. You stopped picking at the glass, and you wiped your tears. Niall looked at you, feeling so guilty that he made you feel that way. He stopped with the plate and took you into his arms, whispering how he was so sorry.


QOTD: As of now, what's your favorite song?

I honestly don't know, especially with the new album out, I have no idea... All the songs on Midnight Memories are like PERF. OKAY? It might be Right Now... I dunno. >.< it's such a hard choice, like you don't even know.

Sorry that I haven't been uploading; there were two new packs of Flow, so I just had to finish them. xD

OMG OMG OMG 1DDAY WAS PERF. besides the fact that I didn't pee for eight hours, it was amazing.


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