Chapter 5

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Guild Hall:
"Hey Juvia what do you think about doing this job? It pays 100,000 jewels and all we have to do is to exterminate a demon that has been terrorizing nearby villages and kidnapping those it doesn't kill. I think we can handle it. Are you up for it Juvia?"
"Of course we're up for it Natsu when will we be heading out? I'm ready to leave immediately."
Upon hearing a familiar voice Natsu turned around and was greeted by the sight of the scarlet hair colored Erza Scarlet, one of Fairy Tail's strongest wizards. She had a smile on her face and the usual look of determination. Meanwhile, Juvia gave Natsu a look that said something like..."Juvia did not invite her to come along did you?"
While Natsu gave Juvia a look that said, "No, but I think you look very cute today Juvia." This look made her lightly blush which did not go unnoticed by Erza. "Hey why is it that only the two of you we're looking for a job to do together? Where is Gray and Lucy and why isn't Happy with you Natsu?"
"Please do not mention his name around Juvia anymore!"
She snapped when she heard Erza say that name. The fact that she yelled at the legendary Erza Scarlet, made everybody in the guild hall stop what they were doing and stare at the both of them, expecting Erza to grab her with one hand and throw her across the hall.
"What do you mean Juvia? Did Gray do or say something to you?"
Juvia noticed that Erza's hands were both in fist form. She knew that if Erza was mad at her from her outburst then she would be the one to receive a beating. This is when Natsu put himself between the both of them facing Erza.
"It wasn't him Erza. You see a couple days ago Happy thought it would be funny to put his fish under Juvia's hat as a place of storage. That made her really upset so I told Happy that as punishment he could not go on jobs with us for a while, so right now she is still pretty upset. That's who she meant when Juvia said he. Can you blame her though?"
"No I suppose if happy placed a fish on my head I would be rather crossed with him myself, unless if he gave me a piece of cake. But what about the other two then?"
"Well Lucy wanted to hang out with Levy today, and "he" should still be recovering or something I don't really know. Hey Juvia would you mind coming with me to help pack my stuff usually Happy would help me but he's hanging out with Wendy and Carla."
"Oh sure Natsu I'd love to help you with your packing. Hey Erza we'll meet you at the train station in an hour. Ok?"
With a suspicious look on her face she look at Juvia with cold eyes and said, "Very well." This sent shivers down Juvia's spine as they made their way to Natsu's house.
Natsu's House:
"Natsu, what are we suppose to do? Juvia was looking forward to spending time with you on our first job where it was just suppose to be the two of us."
"Yeah me too but it's Erza we can't just tell her that she can't come with us do you know how badly she would hurt me? Maybe it would be best if we just acted like we aren't in a relationship because if Erza were to find out, then she would ask when we fell in love, which will lead to her eventually discovering that me and the ice jerk got into another fight. You know what Erza does every time she sees Gray and I fight. We both suffer the wrath of Erza!" 
Juvia knew this to be true because she would always get mad when Erza hit Gray for fighting with Natsu or for stripping, and it made her mad that she wasn't strong enough to protect him. However, a new thought popped into her head that made her blush heavily and brought a sinister smile to her face.
"Hey Natsu you don't actually need help packing do you?"
"Nah I just told Erza that so we could get out of there without her following us. Why do you ask?"
"Well you see as Juvia was running out, she told Erza to meet us at the train station in an hour, but that was only 10 minutes ago."
"So then we have some time to kill then huh. What do you wanna do until we go meet up with Erza?"
"Well you said that we had to keep our relationship a secret while on the job with Erza correct?"
"Yeah unfortunately, sorry Juvia but maybe later we can figure out a way to tell her about us without her finding out that I fought with Gray. That way she won't hurt me."
"So that means that Juvia has about 40 minutes to kiss you as much as she can before we go on a job that could possibly take us days where Juvia will not be able to even hug you without it looking weird in front of Erza."
"Yeah I suppose but I was thinking maybe we could eat together before we...
His proposition was interrupted as Natsu was pushed up against the wall by Juvia as she forced her lips upon his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around her and brought her body closer to his. Both sides fought for control but Juvia quickly lead the way as she dug her nails into Natsu's sholders. Natsu broke the kiss since he ran out of air first, but Juvia would not let him catch his breath for to long because she grabbed his head and forced him to lower his body to match her height and once again began another passionate kiss. Natsu was surprised by how much control Juvia had in this situation, and how little control he had. Not wanting to be completely dominated he broke the kiss and grabbed both of her hands and started to nibble at Juvia's ear. This proved to much for Juvia to control and was now at the mercy of the dragon slayer. The switching of dominance lasted for another 10 minutes before Natsu's stomach announced to the world that it was empty.
Giggle* "Natsu are you hungry? If you are you should have told Juvia. Juvia will make something for you to eat before we head out."
"Well I tried to tell you but you were just so forceful also the fact that it was very enjoyable helped keep the hunger at bay. Hahaha"
Magnolia Train Station:
Erza was waiting at the station, while standing in front of her small luggage building. Juvia was next to arrive and the two started to talk about the job followed by the usual guild hall gossip. Natsu then appeared about 5 minutes later. Apparently to avoid rousing any further suspicion from Erza they had earlier decided to arrive at different times so as not to suggest anything happening between them.
"Alright let's head out already!"
Natsu was excited and ready to set out on his journey until the train started to move. He couldn't decide whether or not he was on the verge of throwing up or passing out, but he knew that he needed to lay against something or someone. His thoughts were blurry and without thinking he leaned his body on Juvia and rested his head on Juvia shoulder. He felt slightly better from being so close to Juvia and managed to pass out with a slight smile on his face for the time being. This brought a smile and a light blush to her face. She was giggling on the inside and she wished to stay like this forever, but then she looked up at Erza who was staring at her with a questionable look. Juvia realized how the situation must have looked to Erza, so she quickly shoved Natsu off of her and said,"Natsu what are you doing get off of Juvia." Unfortunately, Juvia did not realize how much strength she put into that shove because Natsu's face collided with the train window and then quickly landed on the floor. Luckily he was unconscious so he probably didn't feel any pain. She knew that wouldn't be enough so Juvia faked an angry face and looked at Erza and said...
"Can you believe that guy Erza! If my precious Gray was here he would never allow another man to lay a finger on Juvia. I mean honestly why would..."
"Juvia I know that you and Natsu are currently in a relationship." 

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