Chapter 1

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"Oh crap! Why is she still chasing me all I did was beat that pervert in a fight. The guy was asking for it!"
"Natsu, Juvia will make sure to hurt you bad enough to the point where you will never be able to lay even a single finger on my precious Gray ever again!"
By this point, Natsu had made it out of the city and into the country side where he found a dirt road with some half broken statues that look like they could have been around when dragons still ruled the planet. Natsu saw the opportunity and hid himself behind one of the bigger statues. After about 30 seconds without moving and after catching his breath he took a chance and poked his head out from the side to check if the deranged Juvia was still chasing him. After seeing nothing but open land he let out a sigh of relief and sat with his legs crossed and hands on both of his knees. He looked up at the sky with half closed eyes as a result of the fatigue from fighting Gray. He thought to himself...
"Why does she even care so much for that jerk? She's always confessing her feelings to him and asking him to marry and have kids with her, but the ice jerk always rejects her or just straight up avoids her. That's the only reason I decided to punch that guy straight in the face."
Natsu was still thinking about the intolerable way that Gray treated Juvia, when he felt a rush of water strike him in his gut. His eyes were wide and he felt the air from his lungs leave through his mouth. He quickly realized what was going on and immediately stood up and attempted to run away but he was grabbed by his pinkish hair and thrown to the ground. After hitting the ground he quickly opened his eyes and saw a clearly upset Juvia staring at her with bloodlust in her eyes.
"Juvia please hear me out! I wasn't fighting Gray just for the fun of it I was..."
"Shut up Natsu! Juvia does not care to hear the reason to why you would hurt her precious Gray!"
Juvia began to repeatedly punch and kick Natsu's face and gut. Throughout his beating, Natsu did not fight back or even attempt to stop or block her hits. Half of the reason for that was because he was still weak from his earlier fight with Gray and the other half for him not resisting the beating was because he didn't want to hurt her. Which was kinda ironic because she had no problem hurting him.
"Huff huff huff" *heavy breathing*
Juvia had released all her anger through punches and kicks to the point where she could barely hold the half conscious dragon slayer by his shirt collar. While trying to catch her breath Juvia stared at Natsu and slowly moved her face closer to his.
Natsu felt like he was on the verge of passing out and probably would have if he didn't feel something soft press against his lips. He opened the eye that wasn't swollen and was surprised not only when he realized that her face was really close to his, but that the soft feeling on his lips were actually her lips. Juvia put a lot of passion into her kiss while Natsu just sat there and took it without resisting from fear of making her even more upset. He had tears running down his face because of the pain from the physical abuse he had just received. The kiss itself lasted about 10 seconds and as soon as Juvia parted her lips from his she let him go and stood up and stared at him.
"Don't you dare tell another breathing soul what I just did or Juvia will hunt you down again and hurt you twice as much than she did today! Got it!?"
"Y..Ye.. Yes ma'am "
After that she quickly ran back the way Natsu came from leaving a beat up confused dragon slayer laying on the ground. Wiping the tears from his eyes Natsu managed to prop himself up against the statue and walked home with a limp. While walking home Natsu noticed that even though he was in a lot of physical pain that made his eyes tear up whenever he touched the badly bruised areas, he was smiling and could not stop a light blush from appearing on his face every time he remembered what Juvia did to him. He wasn't sure what he would do the next time he would see her but he thought that acting like nothing happened would be best for now since he wasn't looking forward to another beating.

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