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( Emily )

# 1 heat left #

''Emily are you ok?'' Mona asked, curious as always. I ignored her question and tried to hold my focus on the motorcycle. It was hard though, that little 'accident' earlier did so I hit the back of my head pretty hard. ''You can't ignore me!'' She then exclaim with her sharp voice. I hate when she use her sharp voice on me, it's like a knife through your head.

I look over my shoulder and frown. ''I will only tell you this once.'' I warned her. ''Stop asking me these type of questions. I don't want to hear them and I sure as hell don't want to answer them. Have I made myself clear?'' I need to be straight out with her since she clearly doesn't understand normal english.

She sat down on the plastic bench behind her. ''Fine. I won't ask you again.'' She told me. Her arms and legs was now crossed. In the corner of my eye I saw how she tried her best to be mad at me.

''Can you give me my allen wrench?'' I ask to break the silence. A few seconds later she placed it on the table beside me. ''Thanks.'' I tell her before grabbing it.

''So..about that party tonight?'' I knew that question was coming. I always bring Mona and Hanna, one of my other friends, to our private speedway club after every race here in New York. It's not because I want to, it's because they want to. ''Are we going like usual?''

''I guess so. Call Hanna and tell her to be here in ten minutes.''

''Alright.'' She went out of my box and disappeared around the corner. Just when I thought it would be a quiet minute I hear people talk a few boxes away. I roll my eyes and try to continue.

''I didn't even reached the vending machine before I, by accident, bumped into someone.''

That sentence caught my attention. I stand up and wipe my hands on the leather suit. I'm curious, as always, so I went out of my box and headed down along the corridor. When the voices were clear enough I stopped and leaned against the plastic wall to eavesdrop.

''I bumped into your teammate, Emily Fields.''

''Listen Ali, I don't wanna be the asshole here but you need to be careful with her. She's not nice and her friend is even worse so try to avoid her from now.''

''I know what you're trying to do Spence, and thanks for your concern but i'll probably never see her again so it doesn't matter.''

Hastings needs to shut up. She can't give people the wrong impression of me like this. Someone needs to stop it and that someone is me but first I need more information. They continue to talk bullshit for awhile until I suddenly hear one of them say something that can be a good cover.

''Ali, can I talk to you?''

I took the chance and rounded the corner. I got in their way right in time before they bumped into me. They froze and started to back away. ''I thought I should introduce myself without anyone putting the words in my mouth.'' I crossed my arms and gave them my signature smile. I will play nice and see how it turns out.

''Emily, Hi.'' Hastings got up from her seat and made her way towards me. Close enough I held up my hand in height with her chest and pushed her away from me.

''Next time you want to talk shit behind my back you should try texting or move further away.''

She blushed. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have told them that.''

I nod and tap her shoulder. ''Not a second time Hastings.'' I tell her before dropping the subject. ''You.'' I say and point at the blondie. ''Are you okay?''

She open and close her mouth several times. ''Yeah, i'm fine.'' She finally says. I flash her a smile before walking into Hastings box. Standing in the doorway becomes boring after awhile. ''What about you?'' She ask when she realize i'm not going to continue the conversation.

I decided to go all in with this so I sat down next to her. ''My head did not like the connection with the ground.'' All of a sudden she looks frightened, like she almost killed me or something. I let out a small laugh and place my hand on her back. ''No need to be scared little girl. I just need a thing from you.''

''What do you need?''

''Are you guys coming to the party tonight?'' I ask all of them.

''Yeah.'' They answer in unison.

''Good. Since you almost gave me a head injury--'' I start but she cut me off.

''I'm so sorry about that. I should watch where i'm going. I'm so fucking clumsy!'' She blurted out. After awhile she got herself together. ''Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you, what were you saying?''

I can't help but smile. ''I wanna dance with you.'' I tell her. Her mouth drop open again but this time I can see something else in her eyes. Fear.

''Y-You w-wanna dance w-with me?'' She stutters while eyeing me. I nod and rub her back softly.

''Will you say yes?''



Emily's effect on girls. Did she seem bad or mean to you? I think she's romantic but I bet there's something more behind her actions. ;)

You're lucky i'm sick. More updates are coming as soon as we reach 20 votes on chapter 6 & 7.

(I'll fix the mistakes later)

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