Chapter Twenty Seven

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Tyler left soon after I asked that we stay friends, but not after apologizing again for something that wasn't his fault. His constant apologies didn't help with my plan of ridding my mind of what happened last night, instead they made it become that much more apparent. But even if I could push what happened to the back of my mind, I can't push away the feeling of being violated.

That's a feeling I know all too well, and I know it takes time to rid the squirming and the random shivers. It takes friends to help last night's events no longer bother me, I'm just lucky I have the friends to make that possible.

Now Alyse and I are in the kitchen as I cook us lunch, and I still haven't told her about what happened with Tyler. I wanted to wait for Toby to leave, because the last thing Tyler needs is for my brother to go ape shit on him.

Toby left to buy groceries for the upcoming weeks because snow is in the forecast, and even though he has a truck, he doesn't like driving in the snow. It's dangerous, especially here in Chicago.

I glance at Alyse and place the cover overtop the pan on the stove. "Tyler came over earlier," I sign.

She looks up from her phone and raises a brow. "He did? What did he want?"

"To apologize. He thinks it was his fault Warren attacked me last night." I sign, pushing away any memories or flashbacks that come from simply mentioning what happened. However, I can't keep away a disturbed shiver that runs through my body and Alyse frowns.

"It wasn't his fault though, not entirely. I mean, how was he to know Warren was just waiting?"

I sigh, "That's what I told him."

"How did he respond?" She asks, taking a cracker from the plate in front of her.

"He kissed me."

"What?!" She exclaims, practically spitting the cracker onto the table.

"He kissed me." I repeat.

She shakes her head and scrunches up her eyebrows in confusion. "I'm sorry, I think I read wrong. He...kissed you?"

I nod to confirm it.

"Holy shit." She says, sitting back. "He kissed you."

I give her a few moments to mull it over, because I know as soon as her brain processes what I signed she's going to shoot up with a million questions.

"What did you do? Did you kiss him back? Did you reject him? Oh my gosh what about West?!" She exclaims, throwing her head into her hands.

I walk over to her and tap her head to get her attention.

"I was honest and told him that I only see him as a friend." I sign, watching her face flood with relief.

"So Waine is still in motion?" She asks hopefully.

I roll my eyes and walk back to the stove to mix our food around in the pan. I hear her grumble and go back to her phone, but then I start to think of all the questions I have surrounding her and Toby.

I turn around and watch as she double taps some post on instagram and then scrolls past it. "Spill." I sign, crossing my arms over my chest with an expectant gaze.

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