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I tend to like to listen to music that goes along with my books, and fate just so happened to drop this one song in my hands, and it happens to be written by one of my good friends. Please listen to the attached, and if you like it then subscribe to her channel! (Olivia Rogers) Thanks you guys :)))

Different Summary as promised:

"Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?"

After one horrific night in ninth grade, Raine Winter lost her voice and became the known mute.

After one game changing event, West Love got sent to juvie and became the town's delinquent.

With the traumatizing night that stole her voice still plaguing Raine's mind, she was never able to get her voice back. She learned sign language to communicate, and her brother and closest friends learned it along with her. She became accustomed to the style and the reputation, until the towns infamous bad boy delinquent came back to school. He's cocky, mysterious, and undoubtedly sexy.

He found an interest in Raine, but not just because of her lack of a voice. He has no trouble annoying her to death with his constant smirks and flirtatious attitude, but will he have trouble making her fall for him?

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together, but it doesn't always work how it's supposed to.


THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED UNDER A NEW TITLE "JUST A SIGN." IT IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE! This is a French publication so it has been translated into French! (So the title becomes Juste Un Signe).

I hope you all enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it! I'm so pleased to see the success it is gaining, and I couldn't have done it without y'all.

Honestly y'all are the best, so please give yourselves a pat on the back :)

I don't think I have to say this, but it's always good to include: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, COPY THIS STORY. It was created by me, written by me, edited by me, and it will stay that way. If you see another story eerily similar to this, please let me know. Thankfully I haven't seen any yet, but you never know nowadays.

I take pride in the fact I created this story, and I don't want someone else trying to steal it from me.

Just like a mom doesn't want her baby stolen. This is my baby, plz don't steal her.

So, as long as you don't do that, I like you :)

This needs to be said because I've been seeing it time and time again. If there's a part of the story you may not like, there's literally no need to start bashing the story for it.
Constructive criticism is welcome, but just being plain rude is completely unnecessary.

I accept people who want to help with a spelling mistake here and there, after all I was only 15 when I wrote and edited this book. There's bound to be some mistakes lol! That being said, PLZ DON'T BE A PIECE OF CRAP TOWARDS ANY OTHER READERS OR TOWARDS ME. I wrote this when I was 15, some parts are cliche and maybe even a little cringy, but you've gotta love it all my friends.

It's like a donut. There may be one spot shy of sprinkles, but you still love all of the donut and wouldn't stop eating it for one small mishap :)

This book does include swearing. It does include sensitive topics, such as sexual assault, and it does dip into the teenage world of one night stands and they are often mentioned. For the innocent minded, maybe wait a year or two to read, for the rest of you... hehehehe 😈 have fun.

But on a lighter, more meaningful note-
I wrote this book to show one girl's journey through all of the losses she has faced. I want to show people who have experienced loss that you don't always have to deal with it alone. There are always people there for you, and even if you don't blatantly express your sadness- people will see and will be there to help guide you. So I hope you get a helpful message from my book :)

I recently became a part of Wattpad Futures which means y'all may start seeing ads between my chapters. Please don't just click through these! It would mean so much to me if you guys could click on them and watch them all the way through, because it's how Wattpad compensates their authors :) Thanks so much ❤️❤️  Y'all are amazing and never stop being you.

Thank you and enjoy the book ;) Be sure to comment as much as you please and vote whenever you find yourself falling in love with the story. Don't be a silent reader! It makes my day reading every review you amazing people leave for me ❤️❤️


Under the new title: 'Juste Un Signe.'

To order it, simply type the title into your search bar along with my name (Liz Plum) and you will see a list of websites where you can purchase the book.


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