{ three }

"We should talk."

The outdoor hall of the Rodeo Drive Motel stayed quiet for a moment, Sam intent on talking to Tatum.

Tatum, holding a duffel at her side, hesitated before nodding her head towards her room. "Help me put my shoulder back in place and we'll talk."

"You're a hunter, right?" asked Sam as he followed the brunette in.

"Shoulder first." Tatum tossed her bag onto the king bed and turned towards Sam, motioning for him to come to her.

"Are you sure?" He was hesitant, worried he would hurt her.

"I've been through worse," Tatum assured, having said the same thing not hours before just after hitting him with a car. She had to mildly look up as he approached, two heads shorter than the gentle giant.

Sam put a hand on either side of the slightly out of place shoulder, giving her a count down before quickly shifting the bone back into its socket.

Tatum barely flinched, letting out a soft breath, "Thanks."

Sam didn't say anything for a moment, watching Tatum take off her belt and remove the red tinted knives. "I saw the devil's trap on your glove box," he told her. "And you were out on a full moon with a gash on your head."

"You caught me," she said as she pulled a first aid kit out of one of her bags. She took a seat at the table, cleaning off her silver knives before starting to unwrap an alcohol pad.

"Here, let me," Sam offered as he pulled out the chair next to her.

Tatum held out the alcohol, not fighting his offer.

"Full moon, silver knives," Sam cleaned up the gash on Tatum's head as he spoke, well versed in the situation. "Werewolf?"

"Two," she replied as she ignored the sting. "You found me right in between."

"Ah, so that's why you weren't watching the road."

Tatum laughed at the half smile that had arisen on his face. "You weren't watching the road, either."

Sam laughed, lightly shaking his head. "No harm no foul." He put down the pad, unscrewing the cap off a well used tube of neosporin. "So, tell me about your wolves."

"Both dead," Tatum simply responded. "I thought it was only one but I found out the alpha was on base. Included leaving a surprise for whoever tries to renovate in the future. They've both been taken are of."

"How'd you find out about them?"

"I know some people on F.E. Warren," said Tatum as she let Sam patch her forehead with slim bandages. "They let me know that there was a little girl found on a playground without a heart. Then a couple went missing, found a few hours before I got to town. Hearts gone, naturally."

"Werewolf 101," Sam remarked as he ran a thumb along the white strips to seal them down. "You recognized my name when I told you."

"Anyone who's anyone in our line of work knows who the Winchesters are." Tatum pulled out a bottle of whiskey, taking a sip before offering it out to Sam. "For both good and bad reasons."

Sam barely cracked a smile, taking a drink. "We've not exactly been quiet in our footsteps."

Tatum laughed, "Understatement of the century. Start and stopping of the apocalypse, Dean going to Hell and getting his ass yanked out. The vessels of God's children. You two shake the ground at least once a year with some sort of massive quest."

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