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{ one }

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omni stantanica potestas-"

"You think it'll be that easy, sweetheart?"

Tatum's eyes flashed with anger, flawless Latin pouring from her mouth. She walked in a circle around a spray painted ring, no book in hand. She didn't need a prompt for an exorcism, every word memorized by heart.

A blonde's head twitched, bloodied and bound to a chair within the devil's trap. "Come on, kid. I wouldn't lie to you."

Seventeen year old Tatum ignored the woman's accented voice, continuing her exorcism. Words of a dead language left her busted lips gracefully.

"He's dead."

Tatum shut her eyes, repeating the Latin phrase until her focus was no longer on the lies of the demon.

"Listen to me," she growled at Tatum with eyes suddenly as dark as night. "You don't get it, kid. You can't get a location out of me, not one that's above ground."

"You're lying!" Tatum shouted, breaking the exorcism. She leaned in close, her teeth gritted. "Tell me where he is."

"Oh honey, he's having fun way down south." The blonde quaked with laughter, "Your daddy's dead, babycakes."

| | | | |

Tatum lurched awake from her deep sleep, the bed squeaking beneath her. Only the sound of her racing heart reached her ears, panic bouncing through her violently.

The brunette ran a hand through her newly shortened hair, calming as she took in the dark surroundings of her motel room. She mumbled a swear to herself, pulling back the itchy sheets from her bare legs.

Light swelled the room as the lamp was turned on, the western themed room oddly comforting to her.

Tatum walked barefoot across the carpet, sitting down at the simplistic table harboring a duffle bag. She leafed through the Army green canvas and removed a roll of leather and a granite rock.

When the leather was rolled out on the oak, a dozen daggers were revealed at the hilt.

Tatum sat with her legs folded, pulling the first dagger free and sliding it along the granite.

She felt at peace for a moment, but only a moment.

That was all she ever got.

Tatum picked up her cell as it rang, it one of the three she had. With slightly furrowed eyebrows, she answered. "Bobby?"

"Hey kid," a gruff voice greeted on the other end of the line. "Couldn't sleep?"

"Apparently neither can you," Tatum replied with a soft smile. She pinched her phone between her shoulder and ear, continuing to sharpen her ring daggers. "Don't get me wrong, Bobby, you're always welcome to call, but why now? I'm only over in Wyoming, our time isn't much different."

"I know it's late," Bobby began, "but I just wanted to check on you."

Tatum softly smiled, "I'm doing fine, I promise."

"Are you sure? There's been some crazy stuff going on lately."

"Anything to do with the new quote unquote God?" Tatum asked with almost a laugh.

Bobby smiled, but not enough for the impression to transfer through the line. "No, that's taken care of. There is something coming, though."

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