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{Harry's POV}

I woke up at 7am when my alarm went off. It was way to early but I didn't mind. I got dressed into a Rolling Stones shirt, black jeans and black boots and ran downstairs and grabbed an apple before running out the door. I had 10 minutes to get to the café, which was more than enough time. It didn't stop me from worrying that I'd be late though. I hated being late to work for some reason.

I reached there in just under ten minutes and put my apron on, and went behind the counter. "Haz!" Kendall smiled.

"Ken!" I smiled back.

"Oh my god it's nice to be back!" She laughed. She went on holiday with her girlfriend for two weeks and I missed her. Not that I'd ever admit that to her but I did.

Somebody walked through the door and I served them, Kendall putting out the cakes and sweets. That's what it was all day. It wasn't that busy, I'd been there three hours and nothing had happened. It was pretty uneventful.

Until, the door opens about half an hour from closing time, and the most stunning blue eyes walked in. Oh my god. He's so hot! "Hey, can I have a vanilla latte please?" He asked. I composed myself and put the order through.

"Would you like anything else?" I asked trying not to sound nervous. Did I mention he's hot?

"Your number maybe?" He smirked. Okay, Harry don't pass out. Nope. He's a stranger. He might be a murderer. No matter how hot he is, say no.

"I'm not giving a random stranger my number but thank you." I stated. He smiled sweetly, making his eyes crinkle. Oh my god.

"Fair enough." He smiled. Kendall came out with the latte and he payed, walking off to an empty booth and took out his phone. Kendall gave me a smirk and I glared at her playfully. She's always trying to set me up with people and it never works but it's fun seeing her try.

"He's hot." Kendall smirked.

"Yeah. He is." I smiled.

"And he flirted." Kendall nudged.

"He's a stranger. He could be a murderer." I stated.

"That's part of the fun!" She laughed. I rolled my eyes and she went off to clear a table. When I looked at the booth that the blue eyed guy was, he was gone. For some reason I felt a bit sad about that, but oh well.

I went to clear the table and I saw a note, and I got excited.

Hey Curly, call me
05679 158523
~ xoxo


{Louis' PoV}

He's perfection. Literally. I left my number there in hopes of him texting me, but if he doesn't, then I know where he is. Gosh, that doesn't sound creepy at all, does it?

I was in my crypt and my phone went off, and I smiled, knowing it was him.

Hey, found your number:) ~ Curly

He's so cute!

That was why I left it there;)

Wait, I know his name? I like calling him curly though...

So, how do I know that you're not a murderer?

Oh honey...  

{Harry's POV}

That's the thing, you don't ;)

Okay, he's creepy. But he interests me. I'm on my way back from the café, and it's pretty dark. Well, it's July, so it's late.

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