53 ~ Ryan

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The security guard wore a stupefied grin as Ryan helped Felix roll Precious out of the hangar storage room. Ryan knew the guard was thoroughly impressed that a chick was able to handle a bike like that. Felix did look badass standing next to it, and she seemed pleased as she ran her hands across every surface, stroking the bike with the same attention she gave Excalibur. He didn't take it personally.

"She looks no worse for the wear, maybe a little neglected," Felix said as she dug through the saddlebag and pulled out a key. "Everything is where it should be, including my spare key. Shall we take her for a spin and see where the road leads us?"

She offered Ryan the kind of smile that made his groin strain against the seam of his jeans. Her smiles never failed to trigger his need. He waved Bronson off, who had been good enough to escort him and Felix to the county airport. Ryan figured Bronson was just satisfying his curiosity, and when the rookie finished gawking at both the bike and the babe beside it, he acknowledged Ryan with a chin jut before sliding behind the wheel of the Dodge.

Felix fit her helmet over her head and Ryan did the same with his. She had insisted they stop at the Harley dealership to get him fitted. Her exact words were, The head on your shoulders deserves as much protection as the one between your legs. She straddled the bike, and he climbed on behind her. With an easy flick of her finger, the engine came alive beneath him, like a beast waking from a long slumber. The sensation felt pretty arousing, and Ryan's testosterone revved along with it. Maybe he would look into getting a Precious of his own, but he would name it something else. Possibly Excalibur.

Once they got on the road, Ryan's mind detoured him from the powerful rumble between his legs to the plan they'd made for the evening. They were slated to have dinner at the home of Felix's parents, something he was a little nervous about based on his minimal experience with meeting parents, parents he wanted to impress, that is. Would they judge him based on his career choice? Would they worry she'd be left a widow if their relationship progressed that far? It should have surprised Ryan that he was thinking about marriage, but honestly, he couldn't imagine his life without Felix in it.

While his mind was preoccupied, Felix had detoured into a nature preserve, a Native American burial ground to be exact. He knew the place, having visited a few times as a kid, and he didn't ask questions as Felix parked the bike and shouldered her duffel bag. He also didn't stop her when she explained that the bare mounds were considered a sacred site, but he did take notice when she suggested it was an excellent spot for a ritual of the sexual nature. Although he wasn't looking forward to limping through the woods, Ryan was more than happy to participate. With all the talk of bare mounds, sex was already on his mind.

"You're not creeped-out by the fact that this place used to be a cemetery, are you?" she asked as she spread out a blanket under a canopy of trees.

"No. I've always been a little sacrilegious in my approach to things. I think it helps me deal with the weird shit, both on and off duty." Ryan reclined on his back, tucking his hands beneath his head, and Felix snuggled against him. It didn't take long for her expression to turn thoughtful. "You're thinking about the hearing, aren't you?"

"A little, but mostly about the psychotherapy I'm required to undergo. I've adopted a wary view of psychiatrists at this point."

"I get that, but it's better to follow the court's advice and keep your freedom rather than face time in prison for failure to comply."

"You sound like Harris."

"Please, say you're joking." Ryan leaned over her mouth and kissed it. He had been eager to taste her lips since they left the station, and he trailed his tongue over them as he pulled her close. He loved her lips, both sets.

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