Things Better Left Unsaid (Snape love story)

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Chapter One

(Philomena's POV)

I cast my eyes downwards, walking into the dungon classroom of Potions. Taking my seat, I crossed my legs and propped my head up with my hands, staring blankly forward. This class wasn't exactly my favorite- that was charms. But hey, I was decent at it, and there was also the professor.

A shudder tan through me. I've always had the biggest crush on Professor Snape, though I'm good at hiding it. If any of the other Gryffindors -or worse: Slytherins- found out. They would freak. I'm not even sure why I liked him so much. He wasn't very handsome, or sweet, or charming... Bt there was just something about that man I love. The deadpanning, witty, snarky, sarcastic, tough demeanor.

I felt an arm around my neck, and smiles up at the ginger. George Weasly grinned boyishly down at me, and took his set at my side. From the back of the room, he strutted in. There was a grimace on his face, which sometimes made me wonder if he hated his job. He didn't like us students, that mug was for sure.

I tugged on my Gryffindor scarf, tightening it to a choking grip around my neck. George placed his hands on mine, raising an eyebrow at me. He smiled innocently, letting to of the scarf. He loosened it, wagging a finger at me. I laughed at my best friend. The giggle was interrupted by the clearing of someones throat, and my grin vanished. "If you don't mind keeping your hands to yourself, Mr. Weasley and Miss Chesmu, I would like to begin the lesson." He growled. A small blush crept along my cheeks and I nodded.

As soon as he asked a question, my hand shot up. He blandly called on me. "Two crushed porcupine quills." I answered surely. He nodded curtly, looking to the class wih his hypnotizing black eyes. "Correct. Ten points to Gryffindor." He drawled halfheartedly. I quirked a small smile, twiddling my thumbs.

As class went on, I tried to answer as many correct questions as I could manage, adoring the attention I got from him. It's sort of creepy, but I just couldn't help myself. Just before class was over, George flicked my ear. I surprised a small giggle, descreetly reaching over, elbowing him in the side. Just as Snape happened to be turning around. I gasped, withdrawing my arm, knowing I was busted.

Snape curled his lip at me, and I looked down to my hands in my lap. "Well, Miss Chesmu, since you kbviously cant keep your hands of Mr. Weasley, you can restrain yourself during detantion today. Ten points from Gryffindor." He sneered at me. My cheeks burned red. Why did I always seem to get picked on above all? Every day, detention this, ten points from Gryffindor that. It's like some ulterior force hates me, always making me get in trouble at the slightest things.

I tucked a stray strand of my short, choppy brown hair behind one reddened ear. My hair was a chestnut color, touching the tips of my shoulders in length. My large eyes, brown in color, were squeezed shut with frustration. I bit my lip hard. A seventh year Gryffindor should know better than to act so childish. Damn.

"Class dismissed." Snape hissed lowly, and everyone scuttled from the room. A got many apologetic and concerned looks from my friends as they all left, along with a small peck onthe cheek from George, who I pushed away playfully. I stayed seated, ready for my punishment. What'll it be this time, I thought sarcastically, scrub the cauldrons or dust the room?

Snape strode behind his desk, taking a seat. His deep black, shoulder length hair covered his face as he looked down, hands clasped in front of him and elbows resting on the armrests of his chair. "I was simply wondering, Miss Chesmu, what compells you to disturb my class every day?" He snapped, not looking at me. I glanced away nervously. No barking orders. Looks like I've earned myself enough ofthose to win a snappy speach.

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