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Chapter Fifteen: Secrets Uncovered

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Chapter Fifteen

There was still a lot of commotion going on abot my disappearance, but I managed to get by Malfoy's mockery and everyone else's concern and questioning just fine.

But things with Snape only got worse. The first day back, I wasn't able to work up the nerve to even go to class, so I skipped with my little ginger, who seemed just fine about skipping with me. The second day back I couldn't even look him in the eye, much less pay attention. I thought that perhaps he would feel the same as I, awkward being around me and do his best to ignore me... But I was sadly mistaken. He did just the opposite, in fact. He did his very best to point me out in ever situation or question, knowing very well that I had no idea the answer, since I pointedly wasn't paying attention.

I mindlessly fumbled with my quill, Snape's voice just a background noise in my ears. Until I heard my name. "Miss Chesmu," He hissed, and my head shot up. I glanced around nervously, just to see of he actually said that or if I was just imagining it. He said it. Everyone was staring at me intently.

Okay, remain calm. Don't let your self get worked up. That's just what he wants- to see your squirm. I cleared my throat and looked up at him, trying my best to keep eye contact. It wasn't easy with eyes like his. "Yes, Professor?"

"This is Potions class, not nap time. You have a dormitory for that purpous." He snapped, and a few Slytherins snickered. I waves this off with a calm, steady face. "Sorry. I just haven been getting much sleep lately. You know how it is; restless nights and such." I retired, only an undertone of snide mockery. He caught it; maybe even the only one who had. "I do not need a petty excuse from you." He growled in response.

I gave him a thumbs up. "Understood." I said with forced enthusiasm. He curled his lip, knowing my game all too well, and parted his lips to most likely stick me with detention and deduct house points, when the door to his classroom flew open. All heads, even Snape's, flew over to face the new arrival in the doorway.

Kingsley stood in the doorway, Tonks and Remus at his close side. "We need Miss. Chesmu." Kingsley stated.

Snape looked furious (then again, he /always/ looked furious). "The girl has a class to attend." He angrily replied, jaw tight.

Remus then moved forward, away from the side of Tonks. "We know, but this is important; Dumbledore requested it urgently." He said in the nicer way possible, which was actually pretty nice. He had no underlying rudeness, but I could just tell by looking at him that he didn't find Snape's company particularly... Great.

Before anything more could be said, I grabbed my bag and hitched it up over m shoulder. "Official business, Snape." I sighed, moving away from my desk. I gave Fred a wink, and he grinned, as of to say 'lucky dog, you'.

Snape moved forward a few steps hastily, a piercing stare emitting towards the throng of adults. "The girl was absent yesterday and is already behind-"

"Don't worry, Snape, you'll see me again soon." I mocked, and the class muffled laughs. I looked over, even catching Remus pressing his lips into a tight serious line and Tonks grinning toothily at me. This joke would have been less funny if they had known the recent spill out between us. However, they didn't, and I intended to keep it that way. I wasn't much on showing my emotions when thy were wounded, with my swollen ego and all.

I was looking over my shoulder, grinning mockingly at Snape as he fumed inwardly, sending me a look that could kill. Fortunately, I've had this look enough to become slightly immune to it. I felt a hand clasp down on my shoulder, and Kingsley pulled me from the classroom abruptly. I was sure to wave on my way out, shoving my savvy, undeserving retreat even harder in his face.

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