Chapter Nineteen: A Shocking Recovery

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Chapter Nineteen

As our lips met in a flurry of impetuous and unfulfilled pleasure, he wrapped one strong arm around my narrow shoulders, and the other around my midsection, pulling me closer in a desperate need that I felt, as well. Despite the undesirable placing where we stood, and the completely taboo thought of even going through with such a risqué and daring action at all in the vicinity of Hogwarts, he didn't release his hold on me.

And I was glad- oh, damn, I had been waiting for this for a long time. For this arrogant, crude, brilliant man to hold me like there was no tomorrow, like I was the only thing that mattered. Did he ever hold another woman like this before? Was it even possible to truly feel so deeply for multiple people? I liked to think not.

As my lips remained pressed to his, my heart pounding with a ferocious and unwavering pace, I felt an unfamiliar sensation rise within me. Pulling away momentarily, gasping greedily at the tense air around me, I gripped the front of his ebony robes on my fists, looking him square in the eyes.

"I don't want to be here right now." I said with all seriousness. I didn't know how else to put what I felt into words. With so many things I wanted to say, my brain racked for any possible words to fit the bill. After a few silent seconds, I took a deep breath. "Can I go with you bak to your room?" I said through heavy breaths. " Please." I added before he could deny me.

Never had I felt such intense feelings for him in such a short amount of time. I wanted more than I could even think of, more than I had ever contemplated as I sat awake at nights, thinking about what I was doing with my life, with him. What a mess I was making of things, and how much I really didn't care.

Taking my hands in his, he kissed each one without breaking eye contact. "I don't think that would be best." He replied easily, though his breath was as shaky as mine.

I bit my to give for a moment. "Please. I won't... I won't be trouble. I won't do anything, I just want to be there with you." I attempted to persuade, though I knew the entire thing was a lie. He could hardly contain himself now; I could see it clearly. The way his entire demeanor shook with impending frenzy for my lips, my skin, everything. He wanted me just as badly as I did him. He was just better than me about hiding it.

"What do we do when someone finds you in my room, in my bed? What then?" He countered.

Snape looked like he was about to further disagree when I intervened. "Dumbledore can cover for us. You know he will." I argued. That was actually a legitimate point.

After a few more seconds of agitated imbalance, threateningly leaning from choice to choice, he sighed brokenly. "Alright- but I refuse to give in to your girlish fantasies."

I smiled broadly, feeling suddenly empowered. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Without warning, Snape pressed a hand to my shoulder. "I'll go first, and in a few minutes, follow after." I nodded, about to move back, wen he caught me again. "Be careful. Don't let anyone see you go."

With that, he took to the door and vanished again.

I had little trouble gathering a few things into my school bag (I had emptied all its contents onto my bed carelessly, and stuffed it full of tomorrow's clothes, a nightgown made of some grayish silk material with my house shoes, and a few U-NO-POOs and a Portable Swamp for good measure. After all, you never know.)

An a excited and nervous feeling fluttered within me, and I had to do my best not to come off at all how I was feeling. Not only was I out past curfew, but if anyone were to catch me and look into my bag, I would come off as more than just suspicious. That would be... Very bad. Then again, considering how many connections I have here, I'm sure some sort of cover up could be created.

Trekking through the hallways, making as little noise as possible, I made my way into the lowest point in the castle I had ever visited; the dungeons. Slytherin territory. I wouldn't put it past any of those God-awful creatures to be lurking around here after hours, looming in some shadow in the corner of my eye. So, I kept a good look around me, just in case one of them happens to sniff me out and decide to attack.

Within a few minutes, I could clearly see his quarters a ways down the corridor, and visually relaxed. As soon as my shoulders slumped into a comfortable position, I heard a frighteningly serious voice. "Philomena Chesmu."

My back to the voice, I tensed like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Damn it; caught red handed. I took a deep breath, putting on my best chill face, and turned bravely around. Damn it, damn it, I chanted in my head. Hell, I was so screwed. There was absolutely no way I was getting out of this one.

I gave a small, sassy grin to try and hide the squeamish anxiety bubbling in my stomach. "Yes, Professor McGonagal?" I asked sweetly.

The elderly woman approached me with perfect posture, and held her wand strictly in front of her, the tip in one hand and the bottom in the other. "Why are you out last curfew? And in the Slyterin corridors?" She pressed accusingly.

Of course, the idea of me omit down here with the sole intent of sleeping with the Potions Professor was the last thing on her mind-- surely she assume I was down here to play some fiendish trick on someone. Her large, all-seeing eyes move from me, to my bag, and down to Snape's door. She looked back to me, obviously pricing thins together. I held my breath.

"I think you should come to the Headmaster's office, Miss Chesmu." She ordered, sweeping a hand out beside her, beckoning me to go forward. Her hard brown eyes watched my every fidget as I passed, marching a hoot ahead of her so that she could keep a careful eye on me.

Well, at least she was taking me to Dumbledore's office; this could have turned out a whole lot worse. She could have looked I to my bag and seen the clothes, in which case it would e pretty obvious what my intents were. Not to mention that I was headed straight towards Severus Snape's private quarters.

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