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Chapter Twenty Five: A Tragedy

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A/N: I'll just say now that I'm going to be mixing up the natural timeline of the books, so please don't correct me! I want to make things fit together without having to skip through time, so please enjoy it! I know some of these things are out of order!

Chapter Twenty Five

I sighed in relief as I saw the familiar surroundings; large homemade wall locks and tattered multicolored quilts hung over a generation-old couch, hundreds of enchanted photos covering the walls, nicnacks galore on most very surface of the homey place. Never had I felt more welcome to a place than the Weasley home.

I smiled to myself, hearing footsteps echo in the other room. A squeal of joy followed the sound of louder footsteps, and within a few seconds, a red-haired woman burst into the room. "Mina, dear!" Mrs. Weasley chirped, her arms extending outwards. She bounded over to me, embracing me tightly.

I laughed, her jolly attitude reflecting onto me, an hugged her back. "It's great to see you again, Molly." I replied, smile in my voice as well on my face.

The woman pulled me back, taking a once over at me. The grumbled, shaking her head. "You're not eating well enough. I can practically see your bones, child!" Without another word, she whisked me into the kitchen, where the warm small of fresh bread and various other food items wafted over me.

Everyone else was in their, making plates and sitting at the table. I spotted out a couple of unexpected aces in the crowd, however. Before I could approach them, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Saved you a seat." Fred muttered to me, and I gave him a quick smile before looking back to the unexpected party members.

I lowered my voice. "Is something going on?" I asked, looking back to him. It wasn't normal for Tonks and Remus to be over without u being informed, and Hagrid wasn't a usual over here, either. Yet, here they all were. Furrowing my brow, I watched him.

However, he simply shrugged, shaking his head. "Dunno, dear." He answers simply.

I pursed my lips, looking forward again. Perhaps I was over thinking things-- yet, it just didn't feel right. Shouldn't we have been informed if there would be other guests over? I mean, it wasn't as if they weren't welcome in my opinion, it was just surprising. Fred nudged me over to the table, where I took my seat and was handed a plate by him.

Fred took the seat besides me, George on my other side. As Molly and Ginny came into the room with the dishes of food, all homemade and wonderfully aromatic, I smiled to myself. A fraction of my mind was still on the house, though. On Fred and I. Now that we were living together, things would be different. Pretty soon, we may ever get married. Did I really want that?

I looked over to Fred at my side. He was helping down the large dish of roast beef that his mother was setting, a goofy grin on his face. Everyone around me laughed heartily, faces radiating with humor an happiness from this homely place, these people. Of course I wanted this. I've never had anything like this. Fred truly made me happy, and that was something Snape didn't end up doing. My thought flowed through memories of him for the first time in weeks.

I mentally winced. I felt tainted, thinking about him that way, especially in a room filled with people. I couldn't see why I even bothered thinking of him any longer-- it only made me grouchy and sad.

Mrs. Weasley clapped her hands together twice, waking me from my dreamy state. "Dig in!" She shouted, and no one hesitated to do just so. I retrieved the fork from the side of my plate, nabbing myself a healthy slab of beef before it was all gone. Judging from the enormity of the party at hand (Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Fred, George, Molly, Ginny, myself, Tonks, Remus, and Hagrid), it wouldn't be there for too long. Then again, I'm sure Molly has plenty made.

Just as the green beans were being unmasked, a loud banging noise erupted from outside, causing everyone at the table, aside from Charlie Hagrid and the twins, to drop their utensils in surprise. Tonks looked to her husband worriedly across the table, and I felt that uneasiness about some ulterior meaning to our guests tonight grow sharply.

I quickly looked over to Fred, my expression weary. "Freddie?" I said carefully, and he responded by shoveling a spoonful of potatoes into his mouth an looking over questionably. I narrowed my eyes a bit in impatience. "What was all that noise?" I asked.

He waved his hand dismissively at my question. "Oh, 's jus' da' gettn' ba'." He replied cleanly through his food.

His answer was let with another loud rumble from outside, something resembling a crashing hunk of metallic gears. I pressed my lips together before leaning in closer and shaking his shoulder. "Fred, I have a bad feelings about all if this." I told him urgently.

As I spoke, the three visitors rose from their seats, and Remus began towards the door quickly. Molly wore a tired and solomon expression.

Fred swallowed his mouthful of food and have my a skeptical look. "What do you mean?"

I sighed, trying to ignore the commotion around me. "I don't know; I just have a bad feeling. Like something is happening, and no ones telling me." I explained in a hushed tone.

Fred shrugged, though his expression was still slightly concerned. "Well, if that's so, no ones told me, either." He replied in attempts to cheer me up.

As much as I hated I admit, it didn't help much at all. Being left out of the loop was one thing that bothered me immensely, especially when things were happening right before my eyes. So, like any reasonable person, I decided to wait a minute before reacting too much.

It didn't take much longer until a frazzled Mr. Weasley was helped inside, by the assistance of Remus. Now, I decided, was a good time to react. I rose from my chair abruptly and hurried into the living room, which was directly attached to the kitchen.

Inside stood Mr and Mrs. Weasley side by side, with Remus on Arthurs other side and Tonks next to him. Bill and Fleur had come in as well, and Hagrid stood off to one side. I rushed in, feeling a bit misplaced and uninformed. After a second of gathering my words, I spoke. "What's going on?"

My worried query was met by a tearful, doe-eyed Arthur Weasley. I felt a merciless pang strike my chest ate sight of him; never had I seen this man so broken.

With a deep, broken breath, the tattered man said: "Dumbledore is... Dead."

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