He didn't say anything, but walk over to me and he looked at me through the mirror. I continued my makeup finishing it with a red lipstick. He had sent someone over to deliver his new outfit, which was a pair of black sweatpants and a black fitted shirt. He was the epitome of delicious, hell I became hungry just by looking at him.

After we ate dinner together, he asked Thalia's permission to take me somewhere for couple of days. She was skeptical about it but decided that it was non of her business to decide and told him that if I agreed to it then he could take me. I smile gratefully at Thalia for being civil, when I knew she wanted to claw him so badly.

Jesse being the man that he was of course kissed me into saying yes, even though I would have said yes without the persuasion. Of course this happened inside my room, and not to the curious eyes of my best friend. I didn't want to argue and I just wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, so I agreed to it.

Little did I know this trip was outside the country and located somewhere in the South East Asia. Shock was not the word, surprise maybe bewildered, yes.

He calmed me through my lack of readiness and coordination, reassuring me that everything is taken care of and I should only bring my passport, phone and purse.

"You are definitely something."

He grinned mischievously, before making a couple of phone calls and left me to change.

Now we were waiting in my room, for Jesse driver to take us to the airport. Fumbling with my sweater I tried to calm myself down for this trip.

I can't believe I was leaving again, sure I was tired but I was more of nervous for this. Having a holiday with my boyfriend doesn't sound bad, but when your boyfriend is really hot it becomes really hard to control yourself. Especially when I didn't know where we were going, I only knew it was in Asia.

So instead I tried to focus elsewhere, like submitting some wanted documents through mail. I was furiously emailing the woman that would decide my future that I didn't see Jesse watching me from afar. "What?"

"What you doing?"

"Nothing, just emailing some stuff."

He raised his eyebrow, "What stuff?"

"A receipt of some payment for proof," I shrugged nonchalantly, before continuing my conquest to finish my email.

Thank God Jesse didn't inquire anymore stuff from me, because I wasn't sure if I would be ready to tell him. Enrico needs to know first and I knew for a fact he would be mad at me.

Soon enough we arrived at the airport with lack of luggage, and a very nervous me as we continued to skip any lines or waiting and went straight to the plane.

Again something I shouldn't be surprise, but I did anyway.

"We have the private part of the plane. Only four people can be up here, so we have to share with two other people unfortunately," he told me ridiculously.

I give him the are-you-serious look, before rolling my eyes at his complaint. I used to sit with million of people in a public bus or in a plane and its unfortunate for him to sit with two more people?


"Oh shut up."

He held his hand towards our comfortable looking seat, which looked more like a sofa rather than normal plane seat. I sat by the window, looking at the air hostess that started to board the plane as well as the other two couple sitting on the other side.

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