Chapter 1: Goodbye Lullaby

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It was the day after the guild Fairy Tail had got back together and in order to celebrate they had thrown a party Fairy Tail style. The party immediately started out in full swing, it would have seemed to have gone for hours, when in reality it only started ten minutes ago. There were chairs and tables flying, people arguing with each other, the occasional "MAN!!!!" was heard throughout the guild. Every Fairy Tail member was there, even the first master had made her way to the party. During the night, the guild doors quietly opened the first time that night to reveal a shy looking Kagura from Mermaid Heel.

"Kagura? What are you doing here?" Erza was the first one to question her.

"I...I...I heard the guild got back together and I...I...wanted to see my sister." Kagura mumbled the last part while looking away and slightly blushing. 

Erza responded by looking at her wide eyed until a huge smile had found it's way onto her face. The next thing Kagura knew was that her face was being shoved into Erza's chest in a bone crushing hug.

In the midst of the party, the guild doors flew open and it was five Sabertooth members that came through the doors.

"Fairy Tail is back!" Sting exclaimed after he violently threw open the doors to the guild hall.

"Fro thinks so too!" The green exceed in the pink frog outfit named Frosch had exclaimed.

"Sabertooth is here, come on in, join the party." Cana slurred while chugging down a barrel of beer, while the people stare at her wonder struck at where she puts it all and how she keeps it all down without vomiting.

Sting, Rogue, Yukino, Lector, and Frosch had started to walk towards mingling with everyone else in Fairy Tail when some of them got caught in the midst of the fight that was occurring. Yukino, along with Lector and Frosch had sat down at the table that Lucy and Wendy were sitting at when they saw a table fly across the room.

Almost all of the people in the guild saw that table fly across the room, it hit Erza on the back of the head and made her smash her cake. Most people had saw the table hit her. All of the guild had seen except two, and those two were the two that were in the center of all the fighting, Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. They had it coming from Erza. Her face had pieces of cake all over it and those two were the ones who threw the table. It really was Natsu throwing the table at Gray and he ducked down before it hit him, but Erza only thought about the fact that she couldn't eat her cake anymore. The specially made strawberry cake that the master had gotten her for being a replacement guild master while they were trying to find him.

If Natsu and Gray had seen the look in Erza's eyes, they would have ran for the hills right then and there without thinking twice about it.

The only thing that stopped Erza from pounding their heads in was the fact that the guild doors slowly opened to a cloaked man who muttered the words "Goodbye Lullaby" loud enough for only Natsu to hear, and he was still fighting Gray and was hit by Gray while he was listening to the man at the door, not paying attention to the fight that he had started, and nine bubbles flew towards each of the following: Erza, Lucy, Yukino, Mirajane, Kagura, Juvia, Levy, Lisanna, and the First Master Mavis all fell unconscious. A puff of smoke appeared around the cloaked man and he vanished from sight before anyone had a chance to react.

Erza fell on top of Natsu and Gray because she was about to bash their heads in for destroying her cake.

Lucy was sitting down and had slumped over onto Wendy in the middle of their conversation.

Yukino slumped into the seat across from Lucy and Wendy and was kept from falling off of the table by Frosch and Lector, both of whom kept her upright.

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