Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer.

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Okay. I lied, watching V race is the second best thing I've ever seen. The first? Watching her drive my car. She's sexy doing just about everything, but there's something primal about her being behind the wheel of MY car. The radio is on, but it's low, like background noise. I watch her drive the car with ease, like driving is second nature to her, and I guess in a way, it is. I'm comfortable just sitting here, watching her, but it's clear she's not when she speaks.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." she quips, her eyes flashing to me,then back to the road. Good idea. I whip out my phone, and snap a picture.

"Seriously? I was joking, you better delete that."

"No way. This moment is one to remember. I may just hire you to be my chauffeur."

I watch her mouth as a smile plays on them. Those lips, I want to taste so badly. I bet they're like little puffy pillows, soft and inviting. I clear my throat and look out the window, I need to think of something else before I have a noticeable tent in my jeans.

"Is it good to be home?" she asks quietly.

I drum my fingers on my pants, taking in her question. I inhale deeply, then slowly exhale. "Yes, It's definitely good to be home. Sleeping in my bed, and not a cot. It's an adjustment, for sure, but knowing that I won't be shot at while walking around. It's relieving." I hear her breath hike.

"You were shot at?"

"Well yeah, there's a war going on V." I tell her gently.

"I mean, I know, but I just didn't realize."

"I wasn't out in the field much, I'm a tech. We still train for battle, but it doesn't compare to actually being shot at."

"Geszus. Do you have to go back?"

"Yes, eventually. I don't know if they'll call me back, or when. It could be a year, or a month."

"A month? Seriously? You just got back."

I shrug, even though she can't really see me. "It's how it works."

She's gone quiet, chewing on her bottom lip. She's worried about me, and that pulls at my heart. I like that she's worrying, but I don't want to be that burden on her. I lean over the console, reach out and pull her bottom lip from her mouth, my hand lingering on her chin. She looks at me, startled, eyes wide. She quickly looks back at the road, and I can see her breathing has become rapid. I move my hand to the center console, but I don't move back. I need to change the conversation, to something a little lighter.

"How's your senior year going? Do you have any college plans?" Lame, but a safe topic.

She clears her throat, "It's going." She says simply, "We plan on going to state."


"Yeah, Taylor and I."

"Watch out now, the trouble sisters on the loose at State. Takin' names and breakin' hearts." I laugh.

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