22. Shocking words

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[RECAP: Sera is posing nude for her school art teacher, sexy Mr Marek]

The second modelling session started better than the first. Sera felt much less terrified though she still was far from relaxed.

Once again she undressed in the study, put on the white robe - freshly laundered, she noticed - and took her place on the couch.

"All set?" Mr Marek asked her.

Sera, suddenly finding her voice frozen in her throat, nodded and the art teacher picked up a pencil.

He was starting the actual painting this week and Sera was a little taken aback at the size of canvas he had chosen. It was huge. She had some idea of how much large canvases cost and hoped her image would be worth the expenditure.

Still, he could always paint over it with something else if he needed to. Idly Sera imagined art experts centuries in the future managing to view the "hidden" image beneath the top layer of paint, as happened with Old Masters. Using modern technology they often found earlier versions of the final painting that had been painted over, or even discovered entirely different works long-buried beneath.

She hoped they wouldn't judge her appearance too harshly. She imagined them joking about "no wonder she was painted over" and then feared that people in her own time might well say the same.

A shadow must have passed over her face because Mr Marek asked: "Is anything wrong?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking about the canvas size," Sera said.

"The canvas size?"

"That you could always paint over it again, if you need to. Reuse it."

Mr Marek put down the brush he had been holding. He looked directly at her, his face serious. "Trust me, Sera, I won't ever be painting over this. Ever."

"You don't ever reuse canvases?" Sera asked.

"Rarely. But this work will never be painted over. So if you think your efforts or mine will be wasted, you can be assured that they won't."

Sera felt bad for having even thought this now and was silent. She lay there, trying to remain calm and still as he worked on the painting.

After what felt like around ten minutes, Mr Marek swore. "It's not right. You don't look the same."

Sera was bewildered. "I haven't changed anything."

"It's the look in your eye, from that first time in the life class. It's not there," he told her.

"What look?"

Mr Marek was silent for a moment. Then he spoke, his voice huskier.

"You know what look."

How had she looked that first time? Sera remembered being angry and feeling defiant. Wanting to embarrass him more than he had embarrassed her.

He came and knelt down by her. Murmured in her ear. "Like you wanted me to fuck you."

Sera gasped, shocked.

Had he really just said that?

Her art teacher had accused her of wanting her to... she could barely rethink the words.

His proximity was doing things to her body she couldn't control. Making her feel hot all over her skin. She could feel her nipples grow hard and prayed he wouldn't notice.

But his eyes never left her face. "And knowing full well that I want to fuck you senseless."

Her eyes widened and then half closed at the image of it.

"That's the look." He was satisfied. "Hold those thoughts."

"You want to have sex with me?"

Mr Marek smiled, a slow, lazy smile. He leant nearer. "I want to run my hands over every part of your body, force your legs apart and screw you until you are begging me to stop and begging for more," he told her. "But I'm not going to lay a single finger on you. Instead you're going to lie there and imagine it, and give me the expression I need for my work."

Lie there and imagine having sex with him? She shivered involuntarily. She had spent enough effort trying not to think of that scenario.

He was so close to her that she could almost taste what it would be like if he kissed her. His lips... the clean male smell of his skin... the shadow of stubble, he hadn't shaved that day.

But he stood up, and ran his eyes over her body in a lingering way. There was no professional detachment in his gaze right now. It was raw, sexual appreciation and Sera felt her body react despite her attempts to stay calm.

"Absolutely perfect." Mr Marek drew the words out, a faint smile on his lips and a glint of triumph in his eyes. He had her exactly where he wanted her. He had warned her last time that he always got what he wanted, and now Sera was beginning to understand what he meant by that.


He's a little bit different from Carl in Tempting Her Teacher, isn't he?!

Author note 18.10.16 -  I just want to mention how much I love all your comments! I may not get a chance to reply to every one of them, but I do read all the ones that Wattpad emails me. It has been a huge surprise (and wonderful) to how people are reacting to *THAT* line! I never imaged it would get the reaction it has.

I guess there's a lot of people who enjoy bad boys saying bad things?!

I can also promise you that there's more to come. Just wait until Chapter 35... ;)

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