Chapter 29: Na Karlově Mostě

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The Nayzun held up his hands as if showing them something— the Nayzun had no thumbs. 

"I have a little knife in my back pocket," said Agata. She stood up and hopped around so Turtle could reach in to fish it out. He felt slightly embarrassed and the blood rushed to his face, but he found the little red knife, opened it, and cut her zip tie. Then she cut his.

The doors chimed open and the Nayzun motioned for them to exit.

"Where will you go?" asked Agata.

I will return to the portable door station in your father's study in an hour your time. You are safe in there. Just say your address and you will be taken there.

"Thank you, 411, for helping us," said Turtle. From somewhere in the station came a loud creaking noise, as if the tracks were moving. The Nayzun shifted, his large form tilting slightly to one side as if moving away slightly from them. Then it turned its head back to face them.

You are welcome. The Nayzun motioned for them to leave. Please go. The sooner you find the Key, the sooner we can move you to safety.

They left the car and the train rolled away. They stood in the small station and looked around. There were two exits, the doors only about three feet high. The sign above both read "Staré Masto Most Karluv, Praga." The right door read "Pod Karlovým mostem," and the left one read "Na Karlově mostě."

"Which one?" asked Agata.

"When in doubt, always go right," said Turtle. Agata shrugged and opened the door, releasing a wall of water that rushed through and out into the trackbed. Turtle and Agata leaped out of the way just in time, and the door slammed shut as a rush of sludge threatened to pour through it.

"Left, I think," said Turtle.

"Left," said Agata.

They pushed through the small door and walked into crisp,

fresh air.

The station was empty—for a moment. A minute later, and

unbeknown to them, another train rolled into the station and a man in a long raincoat, his face shadowed by flickering gas lamps, disembarked, waited a moment, and then took the left door to follow them into the bustle of Prague.

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