Chapter 44: To the Breach

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The Nayzun boarded a train and sang something to the rails. The train gave a little shudder, something Turtle had never seen. 411 beckoned for the boys to follow.

"We have to get Agata," said Turtle. "We need to go back."

In a moment, Turtle. We must do something first. We must close the Breach.

"But I don't have the winder. I can't use my Key. Is that what we need?"

I have the winder.

The Nayzun held up a winder on a leather cord. It was shinier than Agata's, newer.

"But you're—"

I am a Nayzun. I know I cannot have this. The Mytro is already angry with us. We are slaves to it, but we have grown to love this planet. We've watched you for so long, all of your kind. You war and fight and waste, but there is a goodness in you that we remember from our earliest days.

"Where did you get the winder?"

From Mr. Llorente. He was working to free the Nayzuns. He has understood the real madness of the Mytro. He was trying to help us.

"Wow," said Ehioze. He stared at the Nayzun, a look of amazement on his face, as the train began to move.

"'Wow' is right," said Turtle, sitting down. "We can help you, 411. I can use the Key. I can set you free."

The Nayzun stared straight ahead, quietly shaking his head.

It is too late. The Mytro is angry. It's about to break the Breach. It will destroy Barcelona. If you want the humans there to survive, we must prevent that.

"Whatever the Mytro is, it's enslaved you. Just like Mr. Goode wanted to enslave those people."

We're not people anymore. Everything we are is the Mytro.

"That can never be true. You're ... free."

We shall see. We shall see. It's time to go back, Turtle Fulton. It's time to close the Breach.

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