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Writing fiction is so far from my day-to-day experience that I needed a lot of help. Special thanks to my editing team, Chris Nesi and Sharon Honeycutt. Also thanks to Bryce Durbin for his excellent illustrations. Also thanks to the TechCrunch team for putting up with me.

Thanks to Kio Stark for her advice on self-publishing and Slava Rubin and his team at Indiegogo for their assistance in setting up my campaign. Thanks to Steve Long for shooting the intro and outro videos.

My inspirations have always been my father, Robert, and my teachers, Tony Earley and Theresa DeFrancis. My mother, Mirka, taught me to love travel.

Special Thanks to these very special contributors. I sincerely appreciate your donations.

Daniel O Connell Edward Zitron Cyan Banister Bret Ioli Thomas Kupracz Jason Kneen Kerem Ozkan Matt Sandy James Sung Nicolas Saltarelli Ahmed Salama

A very sincere thanks to Michael Arrington who has always bet on me.

Also thank you to my Mytratti, the secret masters of the Mytro, who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Ariel Adams Jordan Anderson Alexandria Aranoff Tamara Barr William Beckler Ben Biron Aaron Bond Sam Boutros Ahmed Bouzid Charlie Brock Teresa Broering Matt Burke Maximilian Busser Donal Cahalane Chris Cannon Christian Cantrell Steven Carter Arnie Chaudhuri Alexandru Circei Jeff Clavier Joshua Cline Jack Conte Kelly Crummey Jude Divierte Betsy Durbin Amy Ferguson Martha Fischer Marc Flores Lior Gavra

Mircea Goia Paul Goudas Paula Gould Michael Green Todd Haselton Annie Heckenberger Steven Hennig

Jim Herbeck Mary Herbeck-Smith Leslie Hitchcock Bassam Jalgha Scott Jangro Bala Kamallakharan Willem Kamerman Chris Kiklas Chad Koehler Noah Kravitz Manu Kumar Gregory Kumparak Richard Lai Seth Levy Carm Lyman Jarek Markocki Scott McKenzie Bob Michiels Ken Minn Lynne Mulholland John Murillo Eugene Murphy

Thomas Newbold Marco Peluso Piotr Peszko Matthew Podboy Joseph Puopolo Benita Raczka Mayer Reich Andy Rosenbaum Shy Rosenzweig Larry Salibra Steve Sargent Bret Schlussman Peggy Shaughnessy Emilie Slaby Adam Sohmer Richard Svinkin Deborah Szajngarten Keith Teare Karen Thomas Kim Titus Elliot Tomaeno Alexandra Tsotsis Alexander Tsoukias John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen Brian Wall Peter Weber Hussein Yahfoufi Stacie Yu

This book is for Kasper.

The next one will be for Milla.

The final one will be for Guthrie.

All of these books, all my best work, and my heart belong to Joanna.

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