Chapter Twelve

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At the final bell, Alyse and I rush out of study hall and book it to Toby's truck. He's already there, patiently waiting for us as he taps along to some song on the radio.

I get into the back seat with Alyse, the passenger seat staying empty. I throw my backpack in the middle and buckle up as Toby starts to drive out of the senior lot.

"So...what was that thing with West and Warren this morning?" Alyse finally asks. I know that exact question has been floating through her mind all day, she's just been waiting for the right moment to ask.

I shrug, "Honestly I have no clue. West said he didn't know Warren..."

Alyse purses her lips. "Maybe he lied?"

I shake my head, "I don't think so."

"What about you Toby? What do you think?" Alyse asks, looking to him.

"It was weird and pretty unexpected." He says, pulling out into the school traffic.

"Definitely." I sign.

"But... It was cool of him to do that I guess. Maybe he isn't as bad as I thought." Toby mutters, moving up an inch in the traffic. We aren't even out of the school grounds yet.

But hey, it beats riding the bus.

I smirk. "So you think maybe West isn't that bad of a guy?"

He catches the movement of my hands through the rear-view mirror and rolls his eyes. "Maybe not. I repeat, maybe not."

Alyse nudges me. "I thought it was very heroic. Your Prince Charming came to your rescue." She signs, wiggling her eyebrows.

I narrow my eyes, "Put a sock in it."

She laughs, "You didn't deny it."

"It wasn't heroic, he was just looking for a fight! Don't all delinquents do that?"

"Looking for a fight to get Warren away from you." She points out.

We finally pull out of the school grounds and onto the main road. "Alyse, are you insinuating that West has a...thing for my sister?" My brother asks, scrunching his face up.

She shrugs, "I'm insinuating that I think something is going to happen between them because he's showing interest in her and only her."

Toby's hands on the wheel tighten slightly. "Raine, your thoughts?" He asks as we approach a stop light.

I roll my eyes, "Alyse is making things up. West and I aren't ever going to be a thing, and he isn't showing interest in me."

"That's what she thinks." Alyse says, nudging me.


Tuesday Afternoon

I walk out of my last block class, my backpack pulled around to my front so that I can zip it up. I hadn't been looking at the clock, so I was utterly surprised when the bell rang to signal the end of the day. I packed my things as quick as I could and bolted out of my classroom.

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