Chapter 2

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Zoe's Pov
*2 months later*
I had taken another  pregnancy test that come out  negative. I'd been looking online and researching and I decided I wanted to try IVF. "Hello little one" Alfie had come home from his office. "Hi Alf do you want something to drink? I can make you a Gin and tonic to go with your dinner it will be ready in 10 minutes" I asked. "Yes please, thanks zo" Alfie came in and kissed me on the head, "go sit down in the living room I'll bring it in" I said, as I dropped some ice cubes into the glass and stuck a straw in it . I brought the drinks into the living room and sat down next to Alfie. "Look Alfie I know we said we'd wait but today I took another pregnancy test and it's still negative. Maybe we should start IVF". "Oh okay, if you really want to I'll support that. I'll book us a consultation for as soon as possible" Alfie pulled out his laptop and began booking us in.

Alfie's Pov
Zoe wanted to start IVF, I was supportive whatever she decided. Our appointment was booked for tomorrow morning and if all goes well we could start treatment right away. I hoped this would help it was our last chance.

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