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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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(Alexis’s diary)

‘Hey! My name is Alexis Connors. I have straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about 5 feet 6 inches. I’m 15 and I once had the life every kid wants. I lived in a grand duplex and my mom and dad, Sam Connors and Elizabeth Connors, worked from home so they always had time for me. My house was in a secluded corner in London. My parents were rich and I went to a nice school. My life was pretty much perfect except for the minor detail that I could read people’s mind, control them and even see the future sometimes. That minor detail has pretty much destroyed my chance at a normal life.

In the past I couldn’t walk out of my house or pretty much go anywhere without hearing the thoughts of all the people around me and when you have the thoughts of everyone else in your head there isn’t much room for your own thoughts. But slowly I learned to block out all the voices in my head even though it wasn’t a fool-proof method. I still heard some disoriented voices in my head. As for seeing the future I got flashes of the future sometimes and that is something I cannot block out.

When I was 11 my parents had died in a plane crash. They had no idea what I could do then. Even I had no idea about the full extent of my powers. My parents had gone to Hong Kong because my dad had some work there. The night before they left I saw the plane my parents were in crash. But I thought nothing of it as I sometimes got nightmares, but inside I think I knew it was not a mere dream. I should have stopped my parents from going but I let them go.

They reached safe and sound and I thought that it must have been a dream and that my parents were safe. But 7 days later when they were coming back my dream came true and the plane crashed. Everybody in it was killed. Including my parents. The day I heard the news I knew that I was the reason my parents had died. I could have stopped them, I could have cried until they agreed to stay at home but I let them go. I could not; I cannot forgive myself for that. But I also knew what I could do.

Since then I have been living in an orphanage. I go to school but I don’t care for it. I always come first because I can hear what the teacher is thinking and answer my tests. I know the answer to all the questions my teacher asks. I have lots of friends but only one best friend, Allison. She too lives in the orphanage. She is the only one in the whole world who knows about my powers. She is the only reason I don’t run away to some dark corner of the world.

Allison knows me so well she can read my expressions and tell how I’m feeling. She is always there for me when I need her and she can tell when I am so tired with my life that I can very well go and do something incredibly stupid.

All this started when I turned 10 and since then I have forgotten what it was like to have a life where I had only 1 voice in my head and the future was something I had no clue about. Then everything changed. On my birthday it was no surprise what I was going to get. I always knew how to make friends because I could tell what their ideal friends were. The concept of not knowing what the other was thinking was somewhat alien to me.

 If I’m just dying to know something I will suddenly see the whole incident in my head completely ruining the surprise. Sometimes it gets very annoying when I’m trying to remember something really important and something completely unrelated pops up in my mind. Then I lose track of what I was thinking and start dwelling on what some random person on the street is thinking.

I often think about why it had to be me. But then I realized that it had to be someone and incidentally that someone turned out to be me. Supposing there was someone else in my place even that person would have been sick with his life. So I just have to learn to feel that this power that I have is a boon rather than a curse.

My life is the definition of unbearable. I hate my life. If there is anyone else in the world like me not yet knowing his powers I wish that poor kid god luck because he has a tough time ahead of him. I hope at least that kid has his parents to share his worries with. But on the bright side if my parents were alive I would never have met Allison and I wouldn’t have had a friend as awesome, loving and kind as her. I‘m not saying I’m happy my parents are dead but at least I have a really awesome substitution for them. I can’t say I’m happy with my life but it’s OK.’


 Authors note: So, this is one of my books and its about Alexis and about her powers(and also the people who accompany her on her journey) as you will see when I upload the next chapters.

I am going to be 13 in a month and this is my favourite story so I hope you like it too.

Please stick with the story because I can assure you it gets interesting as you read ahead. Also i have the next few chapters written down and will be uploading soon(so no slow updates).

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