Ch. 3 Who'd Want a Freak?

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    I can't think of a way to ease Lennox's mind about my apparent weakness. When he pulls up to the school I wait to be dismissed. "You will contact me immediately if you're harassed in any way. If any males act or say anything to you that I would deem inappropriate, remember their name and what they look like."
He doesn't wait for a reply. He opens the door and comes to my side to lift me out. When I'm standing in front of him he doesn't say anything just walks back to his side of the truck and leaves. I start up the steps of the school. I see people looking at me today, and I instantly wish it was yesterday. I keep my head down and walk to my first class. I'm the only person here so I pick a desk in the back corner and look out the window.
"Hello, beautiful." I hear from beside me and look at a guy my age with wide shoulders and three of his smirking friends.
"Hi." I reply.
"You're Jocelyn?"
"I'm Adam. This is Geo, Luke and Jeremy." He points to each of his friends in turn.
"Nice to meet you." I reply.
He sits down next to me. "There are lot of rumors going around about you and Alpha Hall."
I look at him interested. "Rumors?"
"Yeah, your sister said you disrespected him and he ordered everyone to stay away from you as punishment. And he won't let you run with anyone, that you're viewed as too weak." He states, not at all sorry for his honestly.
"Yeah. That's true but I apologized."
"Why did he bring you to school?"
I shrug. "Marta was still eating breakfast when I wanted to leave, so he dropped me off." I answer, getting attention from all the girls. For some reason they're all glaring at me.
"Don't worry. I got your back. Some of the girls in this school will be out for your blood." He whispers.
Shocked, I look at him. "Why?"
"Well, because you got extra attention from the Alpha." He scoffs.
I roll my eyes. "Like I can help the fact he views me as the weak link in his pack. He treats me like I'm going to break."
He chuckles and a girl in the front of the class turns towards me. "You make the whole pack look bad. I don't know why he's letting you stay. I heard he wants to keep the males away from you because he doesn't want someone like you
reproducing such weak pups in his pack."
I flinch from the brutal truth. Is that what he was saying this morning? To tell him if I interest any guys so he could put a stop to it. Making sure no one chooses to mate with me.
"Yeah, that rumor is true, too." I whisper sadly. "He said that this morning." I confirm.
"Well, I think he's being a dick." Adam says, giving me a small one arm hug.
I smile as the teacher comes in to start class. After class I walk down the halls. Some people whisper behind their hands and others openly laugh at me. I'm the joke, the pathetic weakling who the Alpha doesn't want contaminating his or anyone else's gene pool.
"Hey there." I hear someone say and put their arm around me. "If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm your man."
"Jason!" I see a pissed off girl yell.
"What? I'm done with you! I want to know what a girl this small feels like. You in?" He asks, seriously. He looks me up and down making me feel uncomfortable.
"No, thanks." I mutter.
"Come on, baby." He replies, pulling me closer and whispering in my ear. "I promise you'll like it."
"Get off her." Adam orders, coming closer to us. Surprisingly, the guy listens and takes his arm off of me.
"Hey, man. Didn't know she was spoken for."
"Well, she is so fuck off, Atkinson." Adam says, shoving him back.
"Why would you fight over this freak?" A girl with a short skimpy skirt and too
much makeup asks disgusted.
"She's not yours, Adam." A guys walks over with his arms crossed, entering our circle.
"You wanna bet, Brody?" Adam argues stranding toe to toe with the guy named Brody.
"I do, fuck face. She's mine." He growls. Both boys are the same height and weight. Brody has dark blonde hair with brown eyes and Adam has black hair and grey eyes.
I see that both guys are shaking and about to fight. I walk up to them and try to wedge myself between them. "I don't think this is something to fight about." I state, successfully getting in between them and pushing them away from each other.
"Don't touch him." Adam orders, picking me up and putting me behind him. I hear the punches and step back just as Adam takes Brody to the floor.
The girl from earlier with the short skirt growls at me and her fist makes contact with the side of my face, knocking me down. I cup my cheek and she leans down.
"Stay away from Adam, bitch." She warns, standing back up.
I turn to see teachers breaking up the fight. Both boys are shaking and their faces are bloody. Arms wrap around me and lift me up. I look and see one of Adam's friends, Geo, helping me. "You should have hit her back." He tells me.
"I think I was too stunned. I've never been hit before."
He smiles. "How'd it feel?"
"It fucking hurt." I mutter, stroking my jaw.
He laughs. "Come on. Let's go to class before they start handing out detentions." I nod and follow his lead. He stays by my side and I glance at him.
"Do we have English together?" I ask.
"Yep. We have all the same classes."
"Oh." I reply, walking into class. Everyone stops talking and looks our way. I follow Geo to two open seats in the middle of the classroom. I try my best to keep my head down, but I can still hear the whispers.
"She's such a slut. She tried to steal Adam from Lydia."
"I don't see why Brody would even want her, she's not even pretty."
Finally, the teacher comes in and people stop talking. "Jocelyn, you need to go to the principal's office." Mrs. Scott states. I stand up hearing the giggles and seeing smug faces.
I walk out of the classroom with my head down. Walking in the front office I see Adam and Brody sitting in the chairs against the wall. Adam is icing an eye and Brody is holding toilet paper under his bleeding nose. I may be blonde, but its clear these too we're fighting about more than just me.
A man in a suit comes out of the office, seeing me he nods. "All three of you, come in." The boys stand up and wait for me to walk in. As soon as I pass though, I hear them pushing each other, fighting to come in after me. "Enough! Get in here now." The man in the suit yells.
I sit in the middle seat to keep them separated. Both boys plop down on either side of me. Just as the principal turns to walk to his seat, Brody grabs my chair and pulls me closer to him earning another growl from Adam who tries to pull me closer to his side. I read the name plate on the desk, ignoring them. Principal Jeffrey Evans.
"Unless, you want to be expelled, I'd quit this ridiculousness." Principal Evans warns. Both boys stop and he continues. "All three of you are suspended for three days."
I look at him shocked. "But I didn't do anything."
"That's not what Lydia said. She said you hit her." He replies, angrily.
"I didn't. She hit me." I correct him.
"Lydia has never hit anyone. You're new here; she would never start trouble with you. You've pinned these two friends against each other and hit another student. You're lucky you're only getting three days."
"Geo saw her hit-" I start to say, when the door slams open. I smell Alpha Hall enter the room.
Principal Evans stands immediately bowing his head. "Alpha."
"What is this?" He asks, his deep voice echoing off the walls.
"These boys were fighting over, Ms. Robinson. I suspended all of them for three days."
"Why would you have to punish her?"
"She hit another student." He explains.
"No, I didn't." I refute.
"Lydia lied. Jocelyn didn't hit her. Lydia hit Jocelyn." Adam states, glaring at the principal.
"My daughter wouldn't lie."
Alpha steps in front of me. "Where did she hit you?"
"My right jaw." I answer, hating the fact that I have to talk to him.
Standing over me he cups the bottom of my chin and forces my head back to look at him. He inspects my jaw and looks up to the principal. "Get your daughter in here." He orders.
Principal Evans gets on the PA system and calls Lydia to his office.
"I told you to call me if you had any issues." He states, looking down at me.
"I don't have your number." I shrug. Not that I thought about calling him anyway.
"I programmed it in your phone."
"Oh." I reply.
He finally releases my chin and addresses the boys. "Why were you fighting over her?"
"We disagreed on who would get her." Brody responds.
"She's neither of yours. Stay away from her." He demands and I feel my heart ping.
I'm not good enough; I've never felt like less in my entire life. In two days, this Alpha has made me into nothing. Not good enough for anyone.
Lydia comes in the room smiling sweetly. "Alpha Hall."
Why did you hit Jocelyn?" He demands to know.
"She was trying to steal Adam from me." She answers, looking at her feet.
"We aren't together, Lydia. We never were." Adam groans.
"I believe your daughter will get the three day suspension along with the boys. Jocelyn, you can go back to class."
I stand up, leaving the room gratefully. In class I ignore the speculative glances and take notes. By the end of the day I'm drained. I answer all of Marta's questions and go up to my bedroom. I collapse onto my bed and don't wake up until the following day.


I haven't seen Alpha Hall for three days. I was starting to think he was over his protective instincts until Marta found out that he was out of town visiting a neighboring pack. I had seen Beta Holden a few times, but didn't realize he was my shadow until one day at lunch when a couple of girls started making snide remarks to me. I watched as Beta Holden walked over from the corner of the room and whispered a few words to them. They put their heads down and didn't look at me again.
After school was over I felt nothing but relief. Meeting Marta at the car she was all smiles.
"What's up with you?" I ask, smiling at her happiness.
"Mom and dad are going back to see Alpha Rhys."
"I don't know. They didn't say. Mom just called when I was at lunch. She said you wouldn't answer your phone."
"My phone was off. This news is making you jump in your seat because?"
"Girls night!" She yells.
I laugh. "Girls night? Who'd you invite?"
"A few girls from my geometry class, Elizabeth Edwards, Missy Stern and Leah Dixon. Leah's brother is twenty-one so she's bringing the beverages."
"Nice. When do mom and dad leave?"
"They already left! We have all night!" She squeals.
Once we get home Marta opened a bottle of wine she stole from my parents after the move. They never even noticed it was missing. We pour a glass and end up finishing the bottle before any of the girls get to our house. We cook frozen pizzas and the doorbell rings. Marta leaves to answer the door and comes back with all the girls.
It's awkward at first. Then we all start drinking the vodka and wine Leah brought. Two hours later we are all singing and dancing in our underwear in the living room listening to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, passing around the bottles.
After Miley is done singing I play Mac Miller's Watching Movies and attempt to rap along. I'm doing pretty well until someone stops the music. "Hey, why'd you stop the music?" I ask, taking a drink of my wine. They point behind me and I turn, surprised I spit out my drink all over him. He doesn't even blink.

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