Ch. 1 Alpha Lennox Hall

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Alpha Lennox Hall, stood in our living room taking in our scents and listening to my father. He never smiled and rarely spoke. When he did speak, the timbre of his voice shook my chest. The Blue Shore Pack is the largest in North America and Alpha Hall is said to be the strongest, he's never been beaten and is rarely ever challenged. It's not unheard of for an alpha to greet new pack members. We live in an upper middle class community backed into privately owned forest that spans for miles. The nearest city, where most wolves work and shop, is only 40 minutes away.
My mother ushers us to the sofa to sit until we were called on. I glanced at Alpha Hall under my eyelashes noticing how big he is. Burly, doesn't describe him. He's around six foot seven inches or taller. It's hard to tell because at five foot tall myself, big is big. His shoulders are wide with thick corded muscles. Every inch of him is sculpted to perfection and flowing with power. In a word I am terrified of him. I don't see him as a protector, as many would. I see him as someone that could kill me without breaking a sweat.
I glance at my twin sister Marta with wide eyes. She looks back at me, but instead of being afraid like me, she looks intrigued and smitten. I make a face at her, letting her know I think she's crazy and she shrugs. Marta and I are complete opposites. We are fraternal twins, not identical twins. She got everything that I didn't, long legs, perfectly curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. Like my mother, she is striking. When I say were opposite, I mean opposite. I'm short, with light blonde almost white hair down to my waist and pin straight, the only thing that I like about myself are my violet eyes. Every time I look in the mirror I remember my grandfather, who I inherited them from. He was the most amazing man in the world and last year when he passed in his sleep, I felt my whole world shift and the only comfort I have are my eyes.
I hear my name being called and glance up. I notice they must have said my name more than once because my dad looks annoyed. "Sorry, I was thinking about granddad." I explain, knowing my dad expects an explanation. I zone out a lot and it always irritates him.
"This is Jocelyn, she and Marta are twins. Stand up and address your alpha." Dad orders, simply.
I stand up and bow my head in a sign of submission and obedience, but most of all respect. "Alpha Hall."
"Look up." Alpha demands and my head snaps up. His eyes narrow on my face; I can feel it. Even as I avert mine, to avoid eye contact.
He nods to my parents and walks out of the house without saying another word. "What is wrong with you? You can't pull it together for fifteen minutes!"
"Chill out, dad. He didn't care." Marta states, defending me as always.
"Sorry." I say, again and finally my father relaxes.
"You need to try harder to be part of the present. It looks bad and reflects negatively on us." I nod and excuse myself.
I know I'm not normal. I am easily distracted and rather be alone than in a group of people. I wish I could be more like Marta. She's outspoken and makes friends easily. Everyone loves her. There's a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in." I call out.
"Hey, let's go for a run." Marta suggests, wanting to cheer me up.
"Nah, I'll stay here." I reply.
"Please?" Marta begs and I cave instantly. Once Marta starts to beg she wont stop until she gets her way.
"Okay, but not too far. I don't want to be late for dinner, after that screw up with the alpha." I shake my head, ashamed. "I don't want to be scolded anymore."
"Alright. Let's go." She agrees, pulling me off the bed. I walk behind her to the edge of the woods. Just as I'm about to take my clothes off, a figure steps in front of me. I feel his authority and automatically lower my head.
"You're not allowed in the woods without supervision and clearance."
"I'm here with my sister." I say, wondering why I'm singled out.
"You'll need Alpha or me with you at all times. I will also need notice, so the woods are cleared."
"What? Cleared?" I ask, confused.
"Cleared of other wolves." He informs me, like that gives me any clarification.
"I can't run with anyone but you or the alpha? Not even my sister?" I question, in disbelief.
"No, only us."
I know I'm not supposed to ask questions. So, I wait. Thinking maybe he'll explain, but he doesn't.
Marta comes towards us having heard the conversation. "Why? That doesn't make any sense." She says, upset.
"Alpha's orders." He replies, gruffly and turns to walk away. Before he leaves he watches me to go back home, making sure I don't disobey.
Once inside we find my parents and tell them about the incident in the woods. My father seems to think it's all my fault. "It's how you were acting. The alpha is probably suspicious of you, or wants to punish you for your insolence." He argues, at dinner.
I stare at my plate as my dad lists all the things wrong with me and how I need to make more of an effort to be like Marta. She rolls her eyes while my dad rants. When she starts to mimic him, my mom and I suppress our giggles as best as we can. After dinner I'm excused to go to bed. Tomorrow we have school, which I'm not excited about. I know it won't be too bad having Marta there, but I hate having to lean on her when she's trying to make new friends.
My alarm clock goes off at 7:00 a.m. and I get out of bed to take a shower. I knock on the bathroom door and peek in, Marta is brushing her teeth.
I walk in, offer a quick good morning, and get in the shower. Once I'm done I leave Marta in the bathroom applying her makeup and get dressed in my bedroom. I choose a long simple dark green dress with a brown belt at the waist and brown sandals. I brush my hair and let it air dry. I take a bobby pin and pin back the front layer on each side of my part. This is what my father calls my hippy look, I call it my look. Walking to the mirror above my dresser I apply mascara and lip gloss and go to the kitchen. I pour a bowl of cheerios and eat quickly. Marta comes down as I'm going back up to brush my teeth.
"Meet me outside. We're going to be late." She warns.
"Two minutes." I say, running to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and grab my bag from the floor sprinting out the back door to our lime green Beetle.
We share a car, but Marta claims it's hers, so she drives everywhere. I rarely ever go anywhere unless it's to work; even then I usually take my mom's car. We arrive ten minutes before the first bell. I wait for Marta who is smiling and waving to everyone she passes. I chuckle and turn back to the door taking a step, I hit something hard. No, I hit him.
"Sorry, Alpha." I apologize immediately.
He grunts. "This is your schedule." I take the papers he's holding out and he walks away.
"Thanks." I say, to his departing back.
I look over the papers. Math, History, English, lunch, gym, ethics and Biology. I didn't get art history or wood shop, which are the two classes I really wanted.
"What's that?" Marta asks, coming up behind me.
"My schedule."
"You already got yours?"
"Yeah, Alpha Hall gave it to me." I explain.
"Well, let's go get mine and compare." She skips ahead. I follow her to the office and wait for her to get her papers. I hand her mine and she compares them. "We don't have anything together. Even our lockers are on opposite ends of the building!"
"You're joking. Let me see that." I grab the schedules and sure enough we have nothing together. Marta even got art history and wood shop. "You got the two electives I wanted."
"This sucks. Excuse me Mrs. Leech, is there any way we can switch classes?"
"No, dear." She replies, turning to the people behind her. I sigh and we leave.
"See you at the end of school?"
"Yep, hang in there. Make friends." She orders and hugs me.
    I smile and walk to my locker which is the last one in a deserted hallway. After using the combination to make sure it works I go to my first class, Math. As soon as I walk in the room I notice everyone gets quiet, it's almost like they're avoiding looking at me. I don't know whether to be grateful or offended. Class starts and we get our books and go over the first lesson. When bell rings singling the end of class, the halls are crowed yet people go out of their way to walk around me or stop altogether to let me pass. The whole day ends up being like this. No one talks to me or touches me, even my gym teacher Mrs. Rubo, makes sure not to brush my fingers with hers when she hands me my gym uniform.
    The last bell rings and I rush to the parking lot, feeling irritated and confused. I lean against our car waiting for Marta. I don't understand this place. I made one bad impression with the alpha and I'm singled out as a freak? I feel like crying, I know my dad will find out about this and complain about how humiliating I am. I'm lost in thought trying to figure out how to make it better when I hear Marta scream, "Earth to, Jocelyn!"
"What?" I ask, snapping out of it.
"How was your first day?" I can see by her face she knows all about my first day.
"Fine. How about you?"
"Don't give me that crap! I know what he did."
I shrug like it's no big deal and get in the car. "What exactly did he tell everyone? No one will talk, look at, or touch me. It's like I have the plague."
"From what I heard he warned everyone to stay away from you. He didn't give a reason. Maybe he likes you?" She says, wiggling her eyes brows suggestively. "He's so hot all the girls want him, he hasn't chosen yet."
I huff. "If he liked me he wouldn't want people treating me like I was diseased. No, this is punishment. Did I really make that bad of an impression?"
"I didn't think so, but yeah I guess you're right. He won't even let you run with the rest of the pack. He's singling you out and it doesn't look good." She admits, sympathetically.
"Maybe I should talk to him. What do you think?" I ask.
"Yeah, you should. This is what we'll do. We'll dress you up nice and pretty and you can go to his office and beg him on your knees to take your virginity as a penance for your behavior. Spanking included."
"I'm not going to ask the alpha to spank me-"
"Get out of the car." I hear the deep rumble of his voice. I jump and Marta gives a small shout. Oh, shit. Tell me he didn't hear that. My eyes go wide and I look at Marta stunned.
"We were just leaving." Marta replies, looking just as startled as I am.
He opens my door. I glance at Marta, knowing there's nothing she can do and shrug. I get out, leaving my book bag, careful not to touch him. I don't want to make him even angrier.
"Follow me." He orders, walking to a big black truck with huge tires. He opens the passenger side door and picks me up by my waist and places me on the seat. He slams the door shut and walks to the driver's side. I feel my nervousness spike as I watch him get in. The flexing of his arm muscles as he turns the key and grips the wheel makes me sit at full alert. We drive for about a minute before he speaks. "Did anyone speak to you? Hit on you?" His voice rumbles through the truck.
"No." I answer truthfully.
"Did anyone look at you?"
"Touch you?"
"No, look I'm really sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to zone out, I can't seem to control it." I say, a little defensively.
"It's fine." He replies, automatically.
"And we were joking about that whole spanking thing." I explain.
I know he's watching me, but I keep my eyes averted looking out the window. I don't want to get into any more trouble with him and eye contact is a big no-no.
"What are you talking about?" He asks, pulling up to my house.
"Earlier at school. Marta was joking about the whole thing with the virginity and spanking. She was just trying to make me feel better."
I glance at him quickly his face is passive, controlled and completely blank. I can't tell what he's thinking and he's not talking. Do I get out of the car or wait to be dismissed?
"Why would she have to make you feel better?"
"About today and my punishment." I answer, looking at my hands.
"Punishment?" He asks, his voice getting dangerously low.
I nod. "For yesterday. She was there when you restricted me from running with the rest of the pack. Then today, she heard you told everyone to avoid me."
He continues to stare at me, making me uncomfortable. "Where does the spanking come in?" He asks, seriously. His voice level and deep.
I turn to him, confused. Trying to read him to see if he's lying about hearing us and is teasing me, but I get nothing. I look away from his icy blue eyes and back to my lap. Knowing he's waiting for me to answer I start, "Ah, she thought it'd be funny to tell me to go to your office and let, well you know and ask for a spanking. She was completely joking, I was going to come to your office and apologize for yesterday. If I offended you in anyway, I'm really sorry." I babble feeling my cheeks flush.
"I told you not to worry about yesterday." He reminds me, his voice getting a little deeper.
"Yes, Alpha." I reply, automatically.
"You're not running with the pack because you need protection with you. You're smaller than any wolf I've ever seen. If another wolf tried something with you, you'd be useless to fight them off."
I nod. It doesn't explain why he won't let anyone talk to me. "I'll let the others talk to you, but the running stands."
"Thank you." I say, relieved.
He doesn't respond and I start to fidget, he's so off-putting. He's like a block of ice. I can't read his face or voice, both lack emotion and any clues to what he thinks and feels. Finally, he gets out and walks to my side of the truck. He opens the door and lifts me up. Startled, I put my hands on his shoulders and look at his hard angular face. I notice a scar trailing from his temple to his jaw and up under his chin. I think it makes him look darker, more sinister. With the scar, his eyes, his voice, his size, I don't think I'll ever see a scarier person in my life. My feet hit the ground and I back away from him.
I feel his eyes narrow on me as the front door of my house opens. I look behind me and see Marta in her, "sexy outfit," this is the outfit she uses to get what she wants. I can't help but smile; I have the best sister in the world. Strutting in her short cutoffs and white tank-top with a black bra, she comes towards us.
"Alpha Hall. Can I speak with you for a minute?" She asks, playing with her hair.
"No." He replies, simply. My eyes snap to his and I want to back up even more.
"You're afraid of me." He observes. Do I answer him? I don't think it was a question. "Look at me." He commands. He steps forward cupping my chin and lifting it so I am staring directly into his face. He growls. "You don't have to fear me."
"Yes, Alpha." I squeak out. Feeling my body tremble, how can I not fear him? He's terrifying.
I know he can feel my reaction to him because his eyes get even colder. "S-sorry," I stutter. He drops my chin and growls as he walks away. He gets in his truck and leaves. I look back at Marta who is looking at the departing truck wistfully. I still can't believe she's attracted to him, he was a jerk to her two minutes ago. Not to mention all he's done to me.

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