Ch. 1 Alpha Lennox Hall

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    Alpha Lennox Hall, stands in our living room taking in our scents and listening to my father. He never smiles and hasn't spoken much. When he did speak, the timbre of his voice shook my chest. The Blue Shore Pack is the largest in North America and Alpha Hall is said to be the strongest, he's never been beaten and is rarely ever challenged. It's not unheard of for an alpha to greet new pack members. We just moved into the upper middle class community, our house backs onto miles of privately owned forest. The owner of course being the Alpha himself. 

    My mother ushers us to the sofa to sit until we were called on. I glance at Alpha Hall under my eyelashes noticing how big he is. Burly, doesn't describe him. He's around six foot seven inches or taller. It's hard to tell because at five foot tall myself, big is big. His shoulders are wide with thick corded muscles. Every inch of him is sculpted to perfection and flowing with power. In a word I am terrified of him. I don't see him as a protector, as many would. I see him as someone that could kill me without breaking a sweat.

    I glance at my twin sister Marta with wide eyes. She looks back at me, but instead of being afraid like me, she looks intrigued and smitten. I make a face at her, letting her know I think she's crazy and she shrugs. Marta and I are complete opposites. We are fraternal twins, not identical twins. She got everything that I didn't, long legs, perfectly curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. Like my mother, she is striking. When I say were opposite, I mean opposite. I'm short, with light blonde almost white hair down to my waist and pin straight, the only thing I truly like about myself are my violet eyes. Every time I look in the mirror I remember my grandfather, who I inherited them from. He was the most amazing man in the world and last year when he passed in his sleep, I felt my whole world shift and the only comfort I have are my eyes.

    I hear my name being called and glance up. I'm aware instantly that they must have said my name more than once because my dad looks annoyed. "Sorry, I was thinking about granddad." I explain, knowing my dad expects an explanation. I zone out a lot and it always irritates him.

"This is Jocelyn, she and Marta are twins. Stand up and address your alpha." Dad orders, simply.

I stand up and bow my head in a sign of submission and obedience, but most of all respect. "Alpha Hall." I then realize that Marta was already introduced because she's standing by mom.

"Look up." Alpha demands and my head snaps up. His eyes narrow on my face; I can feel it. Even as I avert mine, to avoid eye contact. I feel the tension in the room intensify.

    He nods to my parents and walks out of the house without saying another word. "What is wrong with you? You can't pull it together for fifteen minutes!" Dad, hisses.

"Chill out, dad. He didn't care." Marta states, defending me as always.

"Sorry." I say, again and finally my father relaxes.

"You need to try harder to be part of the present. It looks bad and reflects negatively on us." I nod and excuse myself.  Wanting to be alone I go upstairs to my bedroom. I close the door and walk to my desk.

    I know, I'm not normal. I am easily distracted and rather be alone than in a group of people. I wish I could be more like Marta. She's outspoken and makes friends easily. Everyone loves her. There's a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in." I call out.

"Hey, let's go for a run." Marta suggests, wanting to cheer me up.

"Nah, I'll stay here." I reply.

"Please?" Marta begs and I cave instantly. Once Marta starts to beg she wont stop until she gets her way.

"Okay, but not too far. I don't want to be late for dinner after that screw up with the alpha." I shake my head, ashamed.
"I don't want to be yelled at anymore."

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